There's plenty of free training courses in Stockport to help you change career paths

10 Free Training Courses in Stockport That Could Help You Change Careers Paths

Have you found yourself in a career conundrum? With a range of free training courses available in Stockport, it’s time to change that…

Whether you’ve hit a brick wall in terms of progression at your current organisation, you’ve had to deal with redundancy, or you’re just looking to pursue a new industry altogether, changing careers could be the best way to find a job you really love!

If you’re wondering what job would suit you, and where should you start in terms of getting qualified? Here are 10 free training courses in Stockport that could help you change careers:

Business Administration Courses

Perfect for: People who like to organise and manage a range of business documentation, policies and processes.

How to get qualified: You can study at a range of levels, with courses that cover everything from office skills and administration to minute taking and PA.

Management & Leadership Courses

Perfect for: aspiring or practicing managers, providing individuals with the knowledge, behaviour and skills needed to become a successful leader within business.

How to get qualified: Courses in business development, business management, and business administration provide the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start a career in this field.

Sport and fitness Courses

Perfect for: People who enjoy exercise and have an interest in helping individuals increase their fitness/wellbeing.

How to get qualified: There are many ways to qualify for your dream job in sports and fitness, with multiple courses allowing you to train as a personal trainer or fitness instructor.  Others teach vital knowledge about nutrition, diet, sports science, and massage therapy.

Construction & Logistics Courses

Perfect for: People who have a desire to work with large construction organisations, housing contractors or specialist craftsmen.

How to get qualified: There are a number of courses that could help qualify you for a career in construction, whether you want to work in bricklaying, joinery, plumbing, carpentry, quantity surveying or real estate. NVQs and City & Guilds qualifications are particularly useful in this field.

IT & Digital Skills Courses

Perfect for: Individuals looking to increase their IT or digital skills and with a passion for all things computers, software and creativity.

How to get qualified: Tech is an extremely broad sector, allowing you to get qualified in a range of areas. These include everything from IT support and networking, right through to web design and game design.

Marketing Courses

Perfect for: Job seekers who have a flair for content creation but don’t know where to start.

How to get qualified: There are many different types of marketing courses available, whether you’re looking to focus on email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, or digital marketing as a whole.

Health And Social Care Courses

Perfect for: People looking to expand into healthcare, social care, nursing, childcare etc.

How to get qualified: With a number of career paths available in health & care, there are also many ways to get qualified. Choose from courses in nursing, social care, paramedic training, dental hygiene, and more – and qualify yourself for a job in one of the most rewarding industries.

Hair And Beauty Courses

Perfect for: Individuals interested in the hairdressing and beauty industry, looking to become a hairdresser or beautician.

How to get qualified: Whether you want to work in, beauty therapy, make-up, or hairdressing, there’s a course to help you do it. You could also study more niche areas, such as nail art and facial massage.

Customer Service And Sales Courses

Perfect for: People wanting to get into the sales sector or customer service by helping businesses grow and expand in line with their objectives.

How to get qualified: Sales training courses are held at locations across the UK throughout the year. Available at introductory and advanced levels, they cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of selling, business negotiation skills and how to develop your key accounts, to advanced selling techniques, key account management and managing the sales team.

Employment Skills Courses

Perfect for: People looking to increase their chances of being hired and learn value skills.

How to get qualified: If you’re struggling to find work in your dream industry, you might need to brush up on your job search skills. Luckily – there’s a course for that. Learn everything from how to prepare for an interview, to how to write the perfect CV; and find out what it takes to stand out to employers today.

There are a number of free training courses in Stockport (often called ‘fully-funded’)that you can take advantage of – particularly if you’re not currently in full-time education or employment. These range from short online courses that you can complete in your spare time (like iDEA Skills Badges – to pre-employment courses or SWAPs (that offer guaranteed interviews with employers on completion and are available through your local job centre) to skills bootcamps and apprenticeships.

Learn more about the different courses that are available, what they mean and find out whether you’re eligible by viewing our Training Resources.

To find out about free courses in the Stockport area, you can search online using the National Careers Service Course Finder:

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