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Employability and LifeSkills from Barclays

LifeSkills from Barclays helps you understand the skills that you’ll need to step into the jobs of the future, from mastering your resilience to communication skills. Their campaign shows how these skills can be vital in different workplace situations.

It’s important to keep planning for the future. Their free to use tools can help you find out what your current skills, interests and personality traits are, and how to develop them further to support your career ambitions.

How LifeSkills can support you during coronavirus

The Covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) situation is understandably creating a lot of uncertainty. We want to do all we can to continue supporting learners like you, as well as your parents and teachers.

Despite the challenges we’re all facing, it’s important to use this time to keep building your skills, and there are lots things you can still do to be prepared for the future.

That’s why Barclays LifeSkills offers you a range of interactive tools, videos and activities for you to use from age 14+, right now on your own, with family or other support.

How the world of work is changing

We bet you’ve experienced first-hand how technological changes are impacting the way you live your life: from communicating with friends to consuming information. Well, technology is changing the world of work too. And fast. It’s affecting the way we carry out certain jobs and changing the types of jobs available, requiring new ways of thinking, doing and interacting with others.

Now, the way to maximise opportunities is to be prepared for them, and that’s where core transferable skills come in.  We’ve been hard at work identifying the skills that many believe are critical to success in the future workplace and this is where we’ll be talking about them. From resilience and problem solving, to creative thinking and proactivity, we’ll help you understand and develop all of the skills that will help you step into a job with confidence, so dive in and explore.

Know Your Skills

Make yourself aware of the skills you possess by looking at how you’ve already used them to overcome life’s little challenges.

Knowing the terms used by recruiters and being able to use them in your own applications is a really useful skill, particularly when you’ve got limited space and time.

Fine tune your talents, uncover new ones and put them into action by visiting their Skills for Work section.

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