Digitally upskill your business with Digital Manchester and UK Skills Academy


Digitally upskill your business with Digital Manchester and UK Skills Academy 


Find out about the opportunities available with Digital Manchester to technologically upskill your business and adapt to the changes in the business world, regardless of your sector!


The importance of being a digitally fluent business has proven necessary throughout 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, a lot of household names lost their businesses for not having the digital avenues in place to accommodate the dramatic shift in consumer behaviour.

Whether it was the rapid decline of Brick-and-Mortar stores, which led to the rise in e-commerce in the fashion industry or the need for online menus/applications to be developed to allow customers to order takeaways in the hospitality industry. The necessity for technological advancement nation-wide was unavoidable.


What action has been taken?

After quickly acknowledging the need to digitally upskill businesses in the UK, GMCA have provided the chance for SME’s (Small – medium enterprises) based in Greater Manchester to upskill their businesses – for free! The Leadership for Digital Growth training course, delivered by Digital Manchester in partnership with the UK Skills Academy, is a great example of the opportunities on offer within the initiative . The Course is open to seniors and decision-makers in SMEs looking to upskill and lead Digital Transformation within their business and is a great way to tackle the digital obstacles your business may be facing.


What are the benefits for my business?

By attending this course, you will gain essential leadership skills that will help you make actionable, growth-focused changes within your organisation.

You will be able to:

  • Understand your business model and ensure the value proposition(s) hit the sweet spot of meeting customer expectations and generating sustainable profit
  • Develop your elevator pitch and prepare yourself investor conversations
  • Check the levels of Emotional Intelligence in your business and improve ways in which your staff engage with each other
  • Review your leadership style and how you need to flex to get the best out of the situations you face on a daily basis
  • The programme will consist of two full days. The aim of the programme is to equip seniors and decision markers in SME’s (Small – Medium Enterprises) with the tools and processes to help prepare their business for high growth, focusing upon the development of their proposition and people.


How do I apply?

To find out more about the course and eligibility click here

Sign up here or email to book your place!


Course Dates:

Cohort 6 (In-person) 2 x Full Day Sessions - 20/07/22; 21/07/22

Cohort 7 (Virtual) 4 x AM Sessions - 06/09/22; 07/09/22; 13/09/22; 14/09/22

Cohort 8 (In-person) 2 x Full Day Sessions - 11/10/22; 18/10/22

Cohort 9 (Virtual) 4 x AM Sessions - 15/11/22; 16/11/22; 22/11/22; 23/11/22

Cohort 10 (In-person) 2 x Full Day Sessions - 13/12/22; 14/12/22

Cohort 6 (In-person) 2 x Full Day Sessions - 15/06/22; 22/06/22

*course dates/delivery are subject to change. In-person may change to virtual events dependent on Government Covid-19 requirements

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