ESOL Course from Seetec in Stockport

ESOL Course from Seetec in Stockport

Seetec are an education training provider based in the Northwest; Manchester and Liverpool. We specialise in Adult Education and Traineeship government funded courses.

Blended Learning ESOL Course in Stockport and Online

We are delivering both Online and a blended offer, running from October 19th up to Christmas. The only commitment for Online learners is to attend a one of assessment which lasts for 2 hours and final assessment in our centre.

Blended Learners, which is recommend to support with learners transition from a period of lockdown, 2 days weekly in a Covid secure setting. We pay for Tram and Bus fares and located opposite St Peter Square Tram stop.

The course is ideally suited as its delivered with a view to moving claimants into paid employment or accessing higher education.

Equipped With English Course (ESOL)

  • Boost your confidence in spoken and written English on this FREE Course
  • Level 1 & L2 ESOL with basic employability modules (Covering Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing)
  • Interactive activities, group work improving learners self-esteem / Use of touchscreen tablets
  • IT elements, digital awareness embracing Digitober

British Values in the Community –

You will learn:

  • how to vote in Britain
  • what our Government is for
  • how we contribute to our government
  • what laws we need to follow and why
  • how we promote freedom of speech within a certain perimeter
  • how cultural values are respected and celebrated


Employability –

You will learn:

  • what job websites are most effective for finding the jobs you want
  • how to fill in a job application correctly
  • how many interviews are in Britain and how to present yourself during them
  • how to create an interview file to ensure you are prepared for interviews
  • how to make or adapt a CV ready for work (either paid or voluntary) – you will receive a copy of your CV at the end of the course
  • carry out a practice interview to get you used to attending

ESOL Course Details

The course starts on Monday 18th October and lasts for 8 weeks.

There are two Learning Options-

Online- With daily live tutorials, use of our online Learning Platform ‘SOLAR’- Initial Assessment will take place at Spaces Manchester and Final Assessments at end of the course. All learners will be given workbooks for home studies.

Blended Learning- Two days in classroom with a Tutor at Spaces Manchester, the rest of learning done online as above.

Monday- Thursday



To Apply and for more information, contact:

Paul Maleque

07758 653125

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