There are a range of pros, cons and key things to consider about gap years from study or work.

Exploring Gap Years; Pros & Cons

Whether it’s to take a break from studies, go volunteering, gain work experience or travel the world before making the move to university life, gap years can provide tons of positive experiences and support with personal growth.

Read on to discover useful gap years pros and cons to inspire your 2024 adventure in the UK and seek further advice.

PRO: Pursue other passions

Taking a year long break from your studies gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you really love to do. You could spend your time pursuing hobbies and interests that are often forgotten in favour of studying. 

CON: Losing your academic momentum

Sometimes taking time away from academic studying can leave you feeling refreshed and motivated. However, you could also lose academic momentum, so perhaps consider whether taking such a long break is something that will work for you personally.

PRO: Opportunity to work and build savings

University life can be expensive, therefore it could prove worth while to spend your gap years working to gather funds that can help with additional expenditure. It can help you to feel much more confident about going off to live independently for the very first time, taking a financial pressure off your shoulders!

CON: You’ll be a year behind

Although this may seem obvious, it can be a particularly challenging. You’ll need to consider that many of your close friends will already be settled into university life, as well as, adding an extended period of time to an already potentially lengthy educational process.

PRO: It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Taking a gap year gives you the opportunity to make the most of your time away from the realities of life. Especially if you spend it travelling – getting the chance to travel so extensively for such a long period of time will be much harder to come by in the future.

CON: It’s a risk

Like most things in life, taking a gap year is a risk for many reasons, but ultimately, it’s down to you. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that gap years and particularly spending time travelling abroad will be life-changing.

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