Exploring Job Sectors & Careers in Stockport: an LMI Update for 2023/2024

As you start to think about your future career, it’s important to explore and understand various job sectors. Each sector has its own unique characteristics, job roles, and impacts on the world around us. By gaining insight into these sectors, you can make informed decisions about your career path, whether it’s your dream job or an alternative route. Get started by learning about jobs and careers in Stockport…

Watch our Daily Reel to learn about the local labour market to help you understand what jobs exist now and the key areas of growth and investment for the future. It outlines why it’s important to stay informed about trends and the latest LMI (labour market insights) so you can invest in developing the right skills for the jobs of the future and have realistic career expectations of what employers could offer you.

In this 15 min summary, you’ll learn:

  • What Stockport has to offer compared to Greater Manchester and the North West
  • What are largest employment sectors are and about the borough’s biggest employers
  • The outlook for future growth and investment according to the One Stockport Plan
  • The importance of labour market insights and how to stay informed

Why Understanding Different Industry Sectors Matters

Interconnectedness of Sectors

Imagine you’re interested in technology, but did you know that IT & Digital is closely connected to almost every other sector? Hospitals rely on digital systems, manufacturers need technology for automation, and even creative industries require digital platforms for distribution. Understanding these connections can open up unexpected career possibilities.

Navigating Career Pathways

Sometimes your ideal job might not be available right away. That’s where understanding related job roles comes in handy. For instance, if your dream is to become a professional athlete, you might consider sports management, coaching, or sports journalism if playing professionally isn’t an immediate option.

Market Trends & LMI

It’s important to know about global and national trends, as well as what’s happening locally in Stockport. LMI (or Labour Market Information) tells us which sectors are in-demand, predicted to grow or shrink, as well as what future investment may look like. It’s useful to know how many employers are based here, their sector and size so you know whether there will be lots of job vacancies in your chosen area or whether you’ll need to search further afield.

To give you an overview, we’ve produced an infographic with some of the key stats about employers and employment careers in Stockport.

The Latest LMI on Jobs and Careers in Stockport

We’ve produced a range of tools to help you understand the latest trends and growth areas here in Stockport to help you make informed decisions about your upcoming job choices, available training pathways and future career options.

Quick Guide to Job Sectors 

Don’t know the difference between engineering and logistics? Not sure what jobs exist in Leisure or Public Services? Want to know what that means here in Stockport? Check out our quick guide to Job Sectors and what they mean, with some little known facts about Stockport’s biggest employers.

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Matching Aspirations to the Realities of the Local Job Market

In today’s fast-paced world, there are thousands of unique jobs waiting for talented individuals like you. The best part? Everyone’s career journey is different. However, it’s essential to recognise that some jobs are more popular than others and some industries are set to grow, whilst others may shrink in the years ahead. Find out what Jobs you can do here in Stockport, the most popular jobs in 2023/2024, the biggest employers here in Stockport and what sources you can use to access LMI as part of your research. Check out our video from Stockport businesses talking about the jobs they do currently.

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The Power of your First Job

Landing your first job can be exhilarating and a tad nerve-wracking but remember that even the most successful individuals started at the bottom. Find out where it all began for some of Stockport’s business leaders and get top tips of where to start with part-time jobs, work experience and volunteering. Plus download a free CV template to get started.

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Tools for Schools

As part of Post-16 Careers Week, we’ve also produced a range of tools for teachers to use in secondary schools and colleges, but also for students, parents and carers to access at home – sparking ideas and starting conversations about future careers. Here’s some new resources for this year all about Jobs & Careers in Stockport.

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