Exploring the Future World of Work

When you’re thinking about your prospective career and what job you might like to do one day, there’s a lot to consider about the future world of work. From what subjects or qualifications you might need to study for, to the importance of skills and work experience to future employers.

Whilst some jobs and career paths have been around for decades, others are relatively new, and some jobs of the future haven’t even been invented yet! The pace of change and technological advancement over the past 30 years can mean it’s hard to predict what the most in-demand jobs will be in the years ahead.

That’s why it’s really important to learn about the future world of work. Understanding emerging trends and the latest LMI (labour market insights) can help you to predict what’s on the horizon and ensure you make career choices now that will stand you in good stead for the future.

Download our Lesson Plan to help you talk through this topic and help students understand their future career prospects.

Learning Objectives

Following this lesson plan, students will:

  • Have a wider understanding of the global and local impact on different industry sectors (including the digital and tech sector, construction, manufacturing, health and social care and green jobs)
  • Identify key transferable skills that employers are looking for that will be important for the future (using the GM Skills map)
  • Be able to identify and explain at least one objective/priority related to the local and national plans for future investment and growth sectors

Preparing for the future world of work – resources for students

So, what’s the best way to get clued up about future career paths? First up, websites like the National Careers Service and Prospects have a good range of resources. You can search by job title or industry sector and they will give you an insight into what different jobs involve and what you’ll need to be successful in them.

You can also use the resources on Stockport Jobs Match. Search our Career Guides to learn about different sectors locally, how they’ve been affected by the pandemic and their outlook for investment in the years ahead. Watch our Career Stories videos to hear from local individuals talk about their jobs or Stockport businesses share what’s important to them.

Teacher Guide

You can use the one-page plan above and accompanying resources to create your a lesson of your chosen duration, lead a short assembly or start conversations during form time.

Alternatively, you can download our Extended Lesson Plan (with LMI and full notes on each slide) – a ready made 30-45 mins lesson for you to simply talk through using the information already prepared for you (with key stats on each industry sector).

Bitesize Videos

You may also wish to watch the following bitesize videos during the lesson or send the links home to students to watch independently in order to prepare for the session or as a follow-up. If using during school time, you could use our Bitesize Bingo sheets for younger students to check off what they’ve learnt about in the videos.

Games, Activities & Worksheets

The following printable materials can be used during lessons or sent home with students as follow-up activities:

Individual Activity – One Stockport, One Future

The One Stockport Borough Plan sets out a vision for the borough for 2030. It’s a great way to learn about local priorities, challenges and opportunities that may impact on jobs, careers and the future world of work. You can download the One Stockport Borough Plan (short or full version, or watch a video about it) here.

You may also like to undertake our research challenge with guidance on key things to consider in the plan – such as how young people have been considered or what sectors/jobs have been identified as important. Use the project brief below to help you.

Group Activity – Employer & Sector Top Trumps Game

Not sure how different jobs or sectors compare? Use our flashcards containing key employer statistics and sector overviews to discuss pros and cons of future career choices. Ideal for starting discussions in the classroom or bringing careers conversations home.

Useful Resources on Jobs & Sectors in Stockport

We’ve produced a range of tools to help teachers, careers advisors and students understand the latest trends and growth areas here in Stockport. Use these articles and resources to prepare for your lesson or to signpost students to help them expand their knowledge and make informed decisions about upcoming job choices, available training pathways and future career options.

Stockport LMI Infographic

To give you an overview of local LMI, we’ve produced an infographic with some of the key stats about employers and employment here in Stockport. Print and display around the classroom or provide students with a copy as a starting point for their conversations and research.

Quick Guide to Job Sectors 

Don’t know the difference between engineering and logistics? Not sure what jobs exist in Leisure or Public Services? Want to know what that means here in Stockport? Check out our quick guide to Job Sectors and what they mean, with some little known facts about Stockport’s biggest employers.

Matching Aspirations to the Realities of the Local Job Market

It’s essential to recognise that some jobs are more popular than others and some industries are set to grow, whilst others may shrink in the years ahead. Find out what jobs you can do here in Stockport, the most popular jobs in 2023, the biggest employers here in Stockport and what sources you can use to access LMI as part of your research.

The Power of your First Job

Landing your first job can be exhilarating and a tad nerve-wracking but even the most successful individuals started at the bottom. Find out where it all began for some of Stockport’s business leaders and get top tips of where to start with part-time jobs, work experience and volunteering. Plus download a free CV template to get started.