The ‘Future YOU’ Mood Board Activity

As you approach the end of secondary school or college, or start to consider your next steps, there are unlimited futures that lie before you. To keep your options open and broaden your thinking, it’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you want the ‘future YOU’ to look like. Get creative and capture your aspirations, hopes and dreams for success in our ‘Future YOU’ mood board activity.

The ‘Future YOU’ mood board is a great way to get clarity on your career goals or simply let your ideas out. It can be an expression of your interests, hobbies or skills to showcase what’s important to you, or a more specific insight into the job, career or sector you’d like to specialise in. No two mood boards will be the same so this is an opportunity to think differently and be creative – a great alternative to filling in a traditional career pathway planner!

Use the ‘Future YOU’ mood board template provided to collate your job and career ideas and goals so that you can use what’s on the board to motivate you towards your next steps or long-term vision. You can add details over time as your plans change or you research and discover new things that could shape your future career development plan.

How to use

You can create your design in Paint, MS Word or Adobe (if your school has access), or try free design tools like Canva. Your ‘Future YOU’ mood board can include whatever you want it to, but you may wish to include things such as:

  • Images and photos of jobs you are aiming towards (use free photo image sites like
  • Words, people, things or quotes that inspire you
  • Pictures of anything that relate to your career goal and what you’d like to achieve
  • You can also include graphics of what you’d like to do with your time or money to make you have a happy, successful and fulfilling lifestyle
  • Think about your work-life-balance (from pets to family to travel to hobbies)
  • Add text, cut out words or screenshots from newspaper articles, magazines, industry guides or websites to add extra details – this could be stats about your sector, entry requirements about your course or details from a job specification

Be original and explore your ideas. Use what you have created to share your ideas with friends, family and teachers.