What comes next at 18+

Whether you’re coming to the end of college, sixth form, an apprenticeship or other training course, there’s plenty of options for you to consider at 18+.

For some, you might be looking to continue your studies and gain further qualifications (either because you need them for your dream job or because you’re not ready to enter employment!). Aside from heading off to University, there are a range of ways for you to invest in Higher Education at Level 4 or above. You can also choose how you study – full-time, part-time or remotely from home.

For others, you might choose to stay on at college to continue studying at a higher level or choose a different qualification if you’ve changed your career plans. You have the option to start or continue with a higher or degree level apprenticeship. Or you may be looking to take a gap year, start volunteering, do some work experience or find a job.

So where to start? We’ve summarised the key options available at 18+ – continuing your studies, entering employment and a combination of the two. Download our Lesson Plan to help you talk through this topic.

Learning Objectives

In this lesson students will learn the different routes of study at Level 4 and above. You’ll discuss alternatives routes into higher education – from university degrees to higher apprenticeships – as well as summarising the UCAS points system, university applications process and important factors to consider. You’ll also outline other routes into further training and employment at 18. Following this session, students will:

  • Have a wider understanding of the routes into employment or Level 4+ study
  • Be able to evaluate which route is best for your career pathway and study preferences
  • Be able to identify at least two routes to your chosen future occupation

What’s next after 18+? Resources for students

We’ve produced a range of articles explaining everything you need to know about university and higher education (degrees, HNCs and HNDs), as well as higher and degree apprenticeships. There are also a range of free courses available to adults (aged 19+) from skills bootcamps (in coding or green construction for example) to pre-employment courses with guaranteed job interviews (including leadership or sector-based routes into retail or marketing for example).

You can also search our Career Guides to learn about different sectors to understand the qualifications and entry requirements for different jobs or watch our Career Stories videos to hear from local individuals talk about their jobs or Stockport businesses share what’s important to them.

Teacher Guide

You can use the one-page plan above and accompanying resources to create your a lesson of your chosen duration, lead a short assembly or start conversations during form time.

Alternatively, you can download our Extended Lesson Plan (with LMI and full notes on each slide) – a ready made 30-45 mins lesson for you to simply talk through using the information already prepared for you (with key stats and discussion points).

Bitesize Videos

You may also wish to watch this bitesize video summarising the options available at 18+ during the lesson or send the links home to students to watch independently in order to prepare for the session or as a follow-up.

If using during school time, you could use our Bitesize Bingo sheets for younger students to check off what they’ve learnt about in the videos.

Games, Activities & Worksheets

The following printable materials can be used during lessons or sent home with students as follow-up activities:

Individual Activity – Brighter Futures Worksheet

To help inspire your future career choices, it can be helpful to speak to others about their career journey, challenges and successes. They may have always known what they wanted to do, or discovered a job they never considered before. They may have followed a direct path, or tried lots of jobs and training before reaching their career goal.

Use our Brighter Futures activity worksheet to research or interview someone in your local network or community whose career story inspires you and explain why.

Group Activity – Stockport Alumni Group Challenge

Can you identify ‘famous’ or ‘successful’ people from Stockport or Greater Manchester? Find out how they achieved their goal, what factors led to career success or any challenges they had to overcome. Download our Stockport Alumni Group Challenge and discuss or present in groups the people you’ve found inspiring and why.

Ideal for starting discussions in the classroom or bringing careers conversations home.