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Great Ways to Master a Job Interview

You could say there is an art to interviewing, and when the market is extremely competitive as it is today, it is an art you should want to master! The aim is to set yourself apart from the rest of the available talent. Although, this can be hard when you those going for the same role as you, likely share a similar skill set. So, how do we perfect the art to master a job interview and ensure we succeed where others may fail?


Now more than ever, employers want to find an engaging and enthusiastic candidate who not only ticks’ the right boxes on paper but quite suitably fits into their culture. And it is an important factor which can easily rule you out, even if you consider yourself to have a wide range of skills and experience. So, attempt a connection with the interviewer by finding a common ground interest.


You will impress an interviewer if you show that you have prepared. This will be particularly rewarding if you willingly tell them company information without them having to ask. The information which you could know only through dedicated research. Preparing can also give you confidence in knowing exactly what you want to say.


It is logical to prepare and practice for commonly asked questions, but it can be more impressive when you provide unexpected yet insightful answers off the cuff. Remember, the aim is to stand out. So, answering on the same lines as everyone will not work to your advantage. Remember that they are not always on the hunt for the most logical answer, but a unique take. One which took thought and individuality of which they may not have even considered themselves before.


You need to demonstrate not only a deep understanding of the field you are applying but of the role and its requirements. Employers will not always want to handhold or even have the time to, so they want insurance that you can handle the task with solid evidence. What have you done in the past? How have you added value to your company? Apply your expertise to real-life scenarios. 


If you are the best person for the job, show it. Talk about the most challenging areas that others may be scared to mention and ensure that you are hitting all of the key points through knowledge and confidence. Knowledge to ensure you know enough to do the job well, and confidence to carry it out even when times are tough.

If you feel ready to master your next job interview, take a look at some practice questions and find out how to answer some of the most common things employers are likely to ask.

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