Half-Term Job Search Checklist

Your Half-Term Job Search Checklist

We’re here to help you pick up more than just a pumpkin this October with our half-term job search checklist. 

So you’ve planned out a packed half term schedule full of halloween crafts/ baking/day trips for the kids (or maybe you’re just ready for some lazy days and spooky movies). But amidst all the fun (or chaos!), it can be hard to make time to focus on your job search and finding the next role you’ve been looking for.

We understand that making time to look for work can feel spookily overwhelming. But October is a great time to bag a new job before Christmas. Lots of companies are hiring Christmas temps or seasonal workers and there’s plenty of part-time roles to top up your hours if you need to earn some extra cash. Many companies also have a recruitment budget to use up before the end of the year and want to hire someone now so they can have you trained up for the New Year.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy half-term job search checklist to make the most of the dark nights or stolen moments away from the little ones.

#1 Break out your red pen

Whether you’ve been looking for work for a while or are starting your job search for the first time in a long while, updating your CV should be first on the list. Don’t just add in your most recent employment and give it the once over, it’s time for a proper overhaul to make sure your CV is going to do it’s job.

Your CV is responsible for getting you invited to an interview and, if your phone’s not ringing with employer requests, it’s time to break out your red pen and make some changes. Take a look at the jobs you’re applying for and think about whether your CV is a match. Use key words that mirror the skills in the job description and make it clear exactly what you’re looking for.

Our recent Careers Event with Stockport Homes for #GetOnline week explains more about matching your CV to the job if you need a few extra pointers.

#2 Take two. Or three...

Simply put, have more than one version of your CV. 

Maybe you have an ideal job that you’re looking for, well-suited to your skills and experience. Your usual CV will be great for these applications, but the perfect job can sometimes take a while to find. In the meantime, you might be looking for some temporary work outside of your field of expertise. Rather than submit the same CV, only for an employer to presume you’re overqualified or haven’t read the details properly, have another version on the go.

Save this CV as something obvious – “Jane’s Retail CV” for example – and use your personal profile to explain the type of job you’re looking for, the reason why and your availability to start work. That way, an employer will understand why your experience isn’t an obvious match for the job and can take this into account. 

Download our free CV template here to see how this might look.

#3 Treat yourself

Make your job search work for you by signing up to job boards and job alerts. You might even find time to treat yourself to five minutes peace.

Firstly, sign up to 2-3 job boards and upload your CV. Make it clear what type of work you’re after and that your CV contains key words that match you to those sorts of jobs. Keep your phone handy and wait for employers (or recruitment agencies) to find it and call you back.

Secondly, sign up for job alerts. You can register to receive these daily or weekly with a list of jobs that match your search criteria. Then, when you get chance, you can submit your CV to those that tick the right boxes.

Start by sending us a copy of your updated CV and register for our Jobs Match service. Simply tell us about the type of work you’re looking for and we’ll send your CV directly to employers with matching jobs. We’ll also send you a weekly email listing over 100+ jobs available to apply for in the local area.

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