Help Revive Hospitality – How to start a career in the hospitality sector and re-build the industry at the same time!

 Help Revive Hospitality – How to start a career in the hospitality sector and re-build the industry at the same time!


Help revive the Hospitality sector and gain your personal Bartending licence at the same time! Find out about training courses and jobs available across Manchester. 


Covid hit hard for the majority. Being unable to do the simple things, that we once unbelievably took for granted, like grabbing a coffee on the way to work or socialising in your local bar took a mental toll on the population – but unfortunately took a physical toll on the establishments.


The idea of going to spend time with friends, family, work colleagues and just about anyone willing to at the local pub is nothing new. In fact, if you’re a Stockport resident you’ll be familiar with the White Lion Pub, once situated on underbank, which dates back to the 15th century – granted the décor and the drinks menu may have changed through the centuries the sentiments remain, hospitality is the centre of Stockport’s past, present and future.


If you’re reading this article feeling unmotivated, un-inspired or thirsty for opportunity– Stockport Jobs Match and our Hospitality sector employers are here to help. The career opportunities in the hospitality sector are limitless – ranging from Bar manager, Chef, catering assistant and many, many more. The fluidity of the industry makes it easy to upskill and work your way up in the ranks, with training providers and support services offering courses with guaranteed interviews and employers offering apprenticeships in various roles within their business.


How you can be a part of the fun!


Wanting to get into the industry but have no experience or understanding of how it works? Well luckily for you Diageo in partnership with charity Springboard are currently offering a Learning for Life: Bartending and Hospitality course for unemployed individuals aged 18-30. The course will take place over a 6 week period broken up into 4 weeks of training, 1 week of on-the-job work experience and 1 week of final training, where you’ll receive 1-2-1 support, your personal bar licence and a guaranteed interview with employers hiring now!


Meet Ryan Morrison who took part in a Diageo Learning for Life Bartending and Hospitality Course, delivered by Springboard, in Inverness. Here’s what he had to say after completing the course.

“I was in a homeless accommodation and wasn’t really sure what I was doing. I now have a secure job at Scotch and Rye in Inverness. I loved my placement there and learnt so much – really pleased that I was offered a job at the end. I have gained a real sense of achievement and purpose as well as my qualifications.”


Those who have worked in the hospitality sector will most definitely be able to vouch that no two days are the same - it could be a quiet Tuesday with the regulars or a packed Saturday night with a live band, either way there’s never a dull shift! If you’re keen on human interaction and customer facing roles, it’s worth exploring the pathways into the hospitality sectors across Greater Manchester.


What are my options?


If you want to jump straight into a role and feel like you have the right experience for a job in the Hospitality sector, browse our live vacancies here


Keen to learn the ins and outs of the industry and gain valuable work experience and licencing? Find out more about the Learning for Life course here


Local employer Almond family pubs are hiring all year round so be sure to check out their current vacancies if you’re looking for work! Explore their Stockport Jobs Match profile here


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