Looking for part-time student jobs that fit around your studies? We can help.

How To Find Part-Time Student Jobs That Fit Around College/Sixth Form?

As many as 66% of students have part-time jobs at college or sixth form to help with expenses and start earning a regular, reliable income. Although part-time jobs are great for building your work experience portfolio, it’s important you use the right procedures and tools to help you land the best job. Check out our top tips for finding part-time student jobs to fit around your studies.

Look for part-time student jobs far in advance

When looking for a job, starting your search as early as possible is best. You might not get a job straight away, so don’t wait until you actually need to start working to begin sending your applications. Hit the ground running by scouting out part-time positions online and applying for a few jobs before you start additional education to avoid peak job-hunting season.

Write a brilliant CV

Regardless of the type of job you’re applying for, you’ll need a superb cv that really makes you stand out among other applicants. Keep a copy of your standard CV, then tailor it for each application. For example, if a job advert specifically asks for communication and organisational skills, make sure your CV clearly shows that you have these qualities. Download a free CV template if you need one.

Take part in extracurricular activities

Having a bit of experience on your CV makes it much easier to land a job. You could also try volunteering, helping out a family friend with their business or even creating a website to really catch the eye of employers.

Be enthusiastic as a job applicant

Make sure employers know you are keen for the job by following up on your application and asking for updates. Putting in a bit of effort to stay in touch throughout the process will go a long way. And, if you have a job interview, it’s always worth sending a quick email afterwards to thank the interviewer for their time. This not only shows you’re genuinely interested in the job but also that you’re polite, warm and appreciative of the opportunity.

What Type Of Part-time Student Jobs Are Available

Animal carer

Job duties: Animal caretakers groom, bathe, feed, water and walk/exercise non-farm animals. Generally, these professionals work in kennels, pet daycares, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, pet stores, zoos and aquariums.


Job duties: A barista works at a restaurant or coffee shop and greets customers, takes orders and prepares and serves hot and cold beverages such as coffee and tea. They also clean work areas and customer seating areas, sanitize utensils and equipment and manage cash registers.

Hotel/Line cook

Job duties: A line cook works in a restaurant kitchen and reports to a chef. Generally, line cooks are responsible for washing and prepping vegetables, and grilling, cooking and plating food.

Retail assistant

Job duties: A retail sales associate stocks merchandise, helps maintain display areas, greets customers, answers customer questions and assists them in finding products. They may also be responsible for taking inventory, managing cash registers and recording sales.

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