Technology careers are highly sought after. Find out how to get your first job in IT.

How to get your first job in IT 

Whether you’re preparing to step into the job market for the first time or have been working for most of your life, you can begin your career as an IT professional at any time. The tech market has evolved massively over the decade and shows no signs of slowing down due to the constant growth of new technologies and such a high demand for apps, software and gadgets. The most difficult part of applying to a job is starting off and finding your first job in IT, especially when you don’t fully understand what to do or where to begin. If you find yourself stuck in this position, the best resource available is usually advice from professionals already working and hiring employees within the technical field.

Here are some ways you can break into the tech industry with little or no experience and get started with your first job in IT:

Learn more/new tech skills

If you’ve already finished school, acquired qualifications and even a degree, it can put a lot of people off the industry. But not to worry, there is plenty of courses and programs available online and at educational support groups where you can begin your career. Talk to professionals in the sector to find out about different courses and ask them which programs they think are the most beneficial. If you are into programming, the first thing you should do is learn HTML and JavaScript. Code academy is a good place to start.

Work on technical projects

The best way to see if this career path is the right option, you need to find out if you are technically inclined in grasping the basic experience. In your spare time, work on side projects and try to get exposure in this field. Don’t just make it a hobby, make it something you are passionate about and get the experience under your belt, so you can start building a solid portfolio showing your progression.

Immerse yourself

If you want to be successful, you must immerse yourself in the industry. Network with other individuals with similar interests, attend tech conferences and read as much as you can. The tech industry represents unique challenges and opportunities for those looking for a different career path. While most jobs require education, you can teach yourself a lot when it comes to technology and coding. Transitioning into the tech industry will not be an easy road, but with dedication and determination, you can start your new career now.

Find a mentor/Apprenticeships

Working with a tech professional or working in a tech environment is a great way to develop your skills. Get first hand experience from somebody who is trusted. Find someone you can learn a great deal from and alternatively, could learn from you. You can do things such as apprenticeships where you will work alongside experienced staff helping you gain job specific skills. Apprenticeships are a great way to kickstart your career because you will be earning a wage and your also entitled to holiday pay. There are always apprenticeships available and they are still popular.

Look for Entry level/Startup jobs

Startup jobs typically go against the traditional job requirements. These kind of jobs and companies tend to focus on training and showcasing your skills to show your potential rather than having a strict academic background or any kind of degree. They tend to seek individuals that are well rounded. If you are looking for a tech based job, showing a keen interest and having some background knowledge would only heighten your chances of getting the job.

Update your CV

Lastly, it is important to update your CV and allocate it to the job you’re applying for. Your CV is the first impression a potential employer will have about you so it’s vital to take the time to make sure your CV paints a positive picture about yourself and your experiences. It’s important to note that before you send it off, you should always proof read to check it makes sense but also for grammar and spelling mistakes. You can always ask someone else to help you such as a friend or family as they will see it like an employer would, with fresh eyes. You should make sure to do as much research as you can when applying to jobs because your CV should be tailored to that specific role. Don’t forget to show your interest and passion – IT is a crucial part of every business, but some companies want people with a flare as well as skills.

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