What jobs are in demand post lockdown?

The most in-demand jobs post lockdown in Greater Manchester

Looking for work but unsure which are the most in-demand jobs post lockdown? Over the past couple of weeks and months, unemployment levels have increased and many people have lost their jobs due to coronavirus. Whilst this is a difficult time to be looking for work, there are companies who have continued to recruit during this period and some that are actually busier than before!

We take a look at the most in-demand jobs during COVID-19 and post lockdown to help you focus your job search or start thinking about opportunities to retrain and develop new skills.

#1. Retail and Supermarket Jobs

During the coronavirus outbreak, many supermarkets have gone on a hiring spree due to increased demand from shoppers stocking up due to lockdown. This has continued with the re-opening of non-essential shops, as well as increased business from smaller retailers in district centres as consumers avoid town centres and move towards shopping locally.

However, finding work with one of the big chains can be harder that it initially seems. They often receive high applicant numbers and may only be able to offer part-time hours or shift work. Despite this, there are plenty of positions available so it’s worthwhile creating an account and registering for job alerts just in case an opportunity pops up at your local store.

Independents on the other hand are more likely to advertise their jobs on social media, or even with a notice in their shop window. Keep an eye out at your local shops for ‘Help wanted’ signs as it might prove an easier route to starting a new position straight away – particularly if you don’t have relevant experience.

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#2. Health and Socialcare Jobs

The NHS is always a big recruiter with regular jobs posted on the local Stockport NHS Foundation Trust website. It’s therefore a good idea to create an account to be kept informed about matching opportunities. Whilst many often require previous medical or healthcare experience, others – such as in administration, cleaning or porter roles for example – are more flexible on the backgrounds required.

Private social care providers – including both care homes and those that deliver care to an individual’s residence – are urgently recruiting across Stockport and the surrounding areas. Many require no previous experience at all, just a kind and compassionate attitude and a commitment to starting a career in the care sectors. For some, a driving license and access to your own transport is essential.

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#3. Driving & Distribution Jobs

There’s also been an increase in vacancies for delivery drivers as more people are tending to shop online. Supermarkets, as well as take-aways, restaurants and local food services companies, are regularly advertising for people with a full clean driving license, valid insurance and access to their own transport. Some are paid on an hourly basis, whilst others are offered as self-employed opportunities or based on the number of deliveries you make.

If you’re interested in driving work, it’s again worthwhile registering for job alerts with the major supermarket and takeaway chains so you can find out when a job arises near you. You can also search with distribution firms who are hiring consistently – like Amazon, DHL, UPS and Hermes.

Those with a HGV or LGV license are particularly sought after – especially if you can build and repair your own vehicle whilst out on the road,

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#4. Teaching & Jobs in Schools

Teachers are always in demand, but with new guidelines on schools reopening in September, there are more vacancies than ever. Qualified teachers, teaching assistants, learning support assistants and tutors won’t struggle to find a new position and many schools, colleagues and universities advertise their jobs on the TES website.

But teachers aren’t the only jobs that education providers are looking for. Many have also been increasing their recruitment of midday assistants, school crossing patrol, school administrators, cleaners and maintenance staff. Many of these are promoted via the local council website and they’re a great option if you want something flexible and close to home.

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#5. Jobs in IT

From software developers to engineers, skilled IT professionals are required in pretty much all industries. But during coronavirus and post-lockdown, there has been a spike in demand. With more companies sending their staff to work from home and more business trading online, areas such as payments and e-commerce, cyber security and connectivity solutions have been especially busy.

Many companies have also used the lockdown period to update their websites or offer new products online, resulting in vacancies for front end and back end developers rising to an all time high.

If you’re looking to break into the IT sector, there are plenty of free online training courses to help you develop the necessary skills. Many offer routes into employment at the end of the course, but for those that don’t you should be able to jump straight into an entry-level IT position such as in a Helpdesk or Technician role.

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