Inclusive Recruitment for Young People


Inclusive Recruitment for Young People


Looking to hire a young person? Find out how with GM’s Hidden Talent Programme and access their free Employer Toolkits


Hiring during the Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated a first-time switch to virtual recruitment for many employers. Videos interview and remote inductions are undoubtedly lower in cost and quicker and easier to schedule. For many firms, the move towards digital hiring processes will become a positive long-term change to come out of the pandemic. It can have the benefit of allowing hiring managers to access a bigger talent pool, with applicants based anywhere in the UK.

However, the shift makes the presumption that prospective applicants are confident users of the video meeting platforms that are now part of everyday life for many of us. Whilst it’s fair to say that many school leavers and graduates are familiar with the likes of Zoom and Teams, that’s not the case for all.

For those young people who have been out of work, have limited work experience or who have been previously employed in sectors where digital skills are less important, the prospects of a video interview can be a huge barrier to entry. Online meetings are far less prevalent for jobs in retail, hospitality, logistics or construction for example, many of which are the entry roles of choice for school and college leavers.

Equally, these young people may simply be unaware of the accepted good video call practice that comes with experience. Again, through nothing more than lack of experience, some young people may also need additional guidance when starting a job working from home or fulfilling the working from home element of a hybrid job.


To help employers adapt their hiring processes to be more inclusive to a younger talent pool, GM’s Hidden Talent Programme has created a series of toolkits. These are easy to implement, using an empathetic approach to understanding the candidate experience and ensuring good practice.


The free Employer Toolkits include:

If you’re looking to hire a young person, you may be also be interested to learn more about the Government’s Kickstart scheme. Employers who can offer a six-month work placement / placement (starting between now and Dec 2021) to a young person / young people, can register their interest with the Growth Company here

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