Class C Driver

Totally Local Company
£22,183 per annum
Job Type
Expiry Date

Class C Driver

Reference: OP2543 and OP2544
No. of Vacancies: 1
Location: Stockport, SK6 2SN
Salary:  £22,183 per annum
Hours: 37 hours per week
Status: Permanent

Two opportunities have arisen for a hard working and flexible Class C driver's committed to working safely at all times to join the Totally Local Company Recycling and Refuse waste collection team. 

Main Purpose of the Job

  • To ensure residents of Stockport receive a first class recycling and waste collection service.
  • Ensure that you and your team work safely at all times, following all Company safe work instructions.
  • To work flexibly to ensure all waste collection schedules that the Company provides across Stockport are met
  • To always portray a positive image of the company and to contribute to the achievement of its business aims and objectives 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To drive such company vehicles as the post holder is trained and authorised to drive in a safe and responsible manner and complete the required checks together with the appropriate documentation. 
  • To ensure waste collections and other duties are completed in a manner consistent with the relevant work instructions.
  • To contribute to the achievement of highest possible levels of waste minimisation and recycling.
  • To undertake duties in a manner that ensures businesses customers receive reliable, consistent and effective services that are delivered in a professional, responsive and caring manner.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all materials programmed for collection are collected in a manner consistent with, and to the standards required by, the relevant work instructions.
  • Responsible for presenting a positive image of both the Company and client by professional conduct especially when in contact with the public and other customers.


  • Company vehicle, uniform and other PPE provided for the tasks at hand.
  • Handling of waste containers and operation of Company lifting, emptying and cleansing equipment.
  • Operation of such other tools and equipment as are provided for the task in hand. 
  • Ensuring the value and usefulness of collected waste materials are maximised by exercising vigilance to control the risk of contamination. 

Job Activities

  • To comply with all requirements relating to health, safety and welfare provisions and to report as appropriate equipment defects, working practices and any issues that may adversely impact on the health, safety or welfare of any person.
  • To help make Stockport clean and to minimise its impact on the environment primarily by driving the vehicles for recycling, garden, food and refuse collections. 
  • To undertake the collection and handling of general and bulky waste items and spillages as required.
  • To act as Charge Hand to the vehicle crew.
  • To act in the capacity of a Collection Operative as and when necessary. 
  • To drive, as required, any company vehicle that the post holder is authorised to drive. At all times to drive the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner ensuring the safety of all persons and presenting a professional image of the company. 
  • To ensure all daily vehicle checks are undertaken, any defects are reported and all accident & damage reports are completed properly.
  • To ensure vehicles are kept clean and tidy.
  • To check containers prior to emptying to ensure that the correct materials are placed in them and to take the necessary action as required by the relevant Work Instructions when contamination is discovered.
  • To ensure that all work is undertaken and completed in accordance with the relevant work instructions.
  • To complete all work allocated, including rectifying service failures and assisting other crews and teams as required/instructed/directed to ensure that all the day’s work for the service is properly completed in accordance with the relevant work instructions.
  • To report as appropriate any matters regarding excessive waste production; potential abuses of the services by traders or others; contamination of materials and problems affecting the maintenance of a clean environment.
  • To operate machinery and equipment associated with the waste collection operations.
  • To work reasonable amount of overtime when required at short notice.
  • To properly use and maintain in a serviceable and clean state PPE and Company uniforms.
  • To transport such personnel, equipment or materials when and where required.
  • To collect, retrieve and deliver a variety of any waste or other containers as required.
  • To participate in company-training and personal development in order to maintain an adequate working knowledge so as to properly fulfil the requirements of the post.
  • To deliver information to the public and others regarding collection or any aspect of the Company’s business as required. 
  • To undertake basic maintenance and cleaning of waste and other containers as required.
  • To participate in pilot schemes and trials of new operating methods as required.
  • To complete paperwork and documentation as may be required. 
  • To operate as required technology to report and record daily issues in relation to contamination, not presented bins etc to ensure information is readily available for the Contact Centre.
  • To work from any company depot or other workplace as required.

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