Finding your next job in Stockport

Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time employment, your dream permanent job or a short-term temporary assignment, there are plenty of opportunities here in Stockport.

Looking for work can feel overwhelming at first so it’s a good idea to create a plan of action to keep you motivated. Start by setting your job search criteria (such as hours, location, pay and duties) and learning about the local jobs market, before sending your CV out to employers.

You can explore what’s on offer here in Stockport, as well as using search engines (like Google or Bing) and job boards (such as Indeed or Total Jobs) to see what’s being advertised. This will help you to understand what the job market has to offer, how many jobs exist that meet your criteria and what employers are looking for.


Explore what jobs and employers Stockport has to offer

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Creating a targeted CV

You can then start to create a targeted CV that showcases your transferable skills, experience and qualifications.

Your CV should highlight to employers why you are a good match for their vacancy, so make sure you include the most relevant details from your employment and education history.

Pick out phrases or key words that are used in the job description or person specification and use these in your CV to show at-a-glance that you have what they’re looking for. If you’re considering a few different types of jobs or sector, you might find it useful to have more than one CV.

How to look for work

Once you’ve created a targeted CV, you’re ready to start applying for jobs.

You can find out about job vacancies using search engines (like Google or Bing) which list opportunities based on your location or search criteria. You can also search for jobs on social media by viewing employer pages, using hashtags relating to your job search criteria or joining local community groups advertising upcoming vacancies.

Job boards, (like Total Jobs, Indeed and CV Library), are another great source of job advertisements listed directly by employers or recruitment agencies. You can use job boards to apply for a single vacancy or create a jobseeker account so you can apply for multiple opportunities and sign-up to receive job alerts by email or text. You can also select the option so that your CV could be searched and viewed by employers or recruiters who are looking for your skills and experience.

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Support for Jobseekers

Still need help and support taking the first step? There are a range of support services and employability programmes across Stockport on hand to help you find work and move into successful and secure employment.

From in-person support with your CV to drop-in sessions to develop your digital skills to free one-to-one interview coaching, be sure to take advantage of the support available to jobseekers here in Stockport.

If you’re currently unemployed, facing barriers to starting work or if you have a health or mental health condition or disability, the Working Well programmes (Work & Health, Pioneer, IPSPC and Support to Succeed) also offer tailored support from employment specialists, health professionals and community organisations.