One Stockport Careers & Education Forum to bring together CEIAG professionals


One Stockport Careers & Education Forum to bring together CEIAG professionals


Following the recent success of the NCW CIEAG 'Future World of Work' Careers Talk for Schools & Colleges which took place on the 16th March, Stockport Council have launched the ‘One Stockport Careers & Education Forum’ to bring together CEIAG professionals across the borough.

The new working taskforce will be – a regular meeting group to facilitate communication between the local authority, schools and colleges, and key stakeholders within the Stockport borough – including educational support partners, training providers and employers. The aim of the meetings will be to support the Government’s careers strategy for schools and colleges and help to ensure that every young person in Stockport receives high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future.



Pivotal Opportunity for Careers Leaders across Stockport


Linking Stockport schools, colleges and training providers with businesses, support services and funding opportunities, the ‘One Stockport Careers & Education Forum’ will merge together recent activities from Graeme Moss of Stockport Council, Claire Walker as Enterprise Coordinator at Bridge GM and the events/resources delivered by Caroline Patten and the Stockport Jobs Match team.

The meeting is open to anyone responsible for delivering CEIAG to young people in Stockport or who wishes to play a role in influencing skills development and talent pipelines to support future economic growth.


The purpose of the forum meetings will be to:

  • Provide regular, quality labour market information updates linked to local economic and educational priorities within the One Stockport Borough Economic Plan;
  • Create awareness of the resources, events and activities taking place in Stockport to support effective CEIAG delivery for our young people;
  • Strengthen the requirements and expectations from schools and colleges to deliver a stable careers programme that raises aspirations and allows students to prepare adequately for choices and transitions affecting their future education, training, and employment; and
  • Provide a centralised communication channel to hear from support partners, post-16 colleges and sixth forms, higher education, and training providers, as well as to meet and learn from local employers.


The forum will enable schools and colleges to provide feedback on their own experience and activities, as well creating opportunities for networking collaborations and sharing of best practice. Meetings will last one hour and take place every half term remotely via MS Teams to begin with.



Join the first ‘One Stockport Careers & Education Forum’ meeting on Tuesday 17th May


The inaugural meeting will take place online on Tuesday May 17th, starting at 3.30pm to allow maximum participation from colleagues once students have left for the day.

It is hoped and intended that the agenda at each forum will support Gatsby Benchmark implementation, address NEET prevention, and assist successful, positive, and sustainable transitions at KS4 and KS5 and should help you to prepare you for OFSTED inspection around your CEIAG offer.

If you would like to attend the meeting and join the ‘One Stockport Careers & Education Forum’ please contact our team and an agenda and formal invitation will be sent to you prior to the event.

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