Our quick guide to job sectors helps you learn the difference between industries and professions

Quick Guide to Job Sectors and what they mean – From Logistics to Legal

Not sure what Logistics means? Want to know what jobs exist in Public Administration? Here’s a quick Guide to Job Sectors and an insight into what that means here in Stockport:


What it does: The energy sector powers our lives – from homes to industries. It includes renewable energy sources like solar and wind, as well as traditional sources like fossil fuels.

Jobs: Energy engineer, renewable energy technician, environmental analyst, energy auditor.

Workplaces: Energy companies, government agencies, research institutions.

Recent Developments: Transition towards cleaner and sustainable energy sources due to environmental concerns.

Future Trends: Growing emphasis on energy efficiency and storage technologies.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport has their very own ‘Climate Action Now’ plan to look at our use of energy, emissions and carbon footprint? ‘Green Jobs’ will be a key area for future growth and investment for our borough as we deliver against these priorities. You can find out more about what the local authority and businesses are doing, as well as opportunities for students and young people to get involved too!

Stockport Climate Action Now

Manufacturing & Engineering

What it does: This sector involves creating products, from designing and producing to packaging and distributing them.

Jobs: Mechanical engineer, product designer, quality control specialist, manufacturing technician.

Workplaces: Factories, engineering firms, research and development departments.

Recent Developments: Rise of automation and 3D printing in manufacturing processes.

Future Trends: Increased focus on sustainable manufacturing and smart factories.

In Stockport: Do you know about some of the amazing things we make and create here in Stockport? From our heritage of hats to brewing beer at Robinsons in Bredbury, we’re also world-leaders in semi-conductors at Nexperia in Hazel Grove to tactical nuclear bridges at WFEL in Heaton Mersey. Find out more about our manufacturing and engineering businesses and recent trends in our career guide.

Manufacturing Guide for Stockport

Construction & Property

What it does: Building and maintaining structures – from houses to skyscrapers. The property aspect involves real estate management.

Jobs: Architect, construction manager, surveyor, property developer.

Workplaces: Construction sites, architectural firms, real estate agencies.

Recent Developments: Integration of green building practices for eco-friendly construction.

Future Trends: Adoption of advanced construction technologies and materials.

In Stockport: You may have noticed the pace of building works underway in our town centre – from the new Stockport Interchange to Weir Mill. Stockport Mayoral Development Corporation (Stockport MDC) is sprearheading regeneration in Stockport with £100m investment to unlock new sites and bring forward schemes to support our vision for growth. Find out more about some of the upcoming projects you’ll see taking place.

Stockport MDC Projects


What it does: Providing services such as accommodation, dining, and entertainment to guests.

Jobs: Hotel manager, chef, event planner, travel agent.

Workplaces: Hotels, restaurants, resorts, event management companies.

Recent Developments: Incorporation of technology for seamless guest experiences.

Future Trends: Focus on sustainable and experiential tourism.

In Stockport: We have a growing hospitality scene in Stockport – from our independent traders at Stockport market and Underbank where the monthly Foodie Friday and Makers Markets are hosted, through to our growing leisure complex at RedRock featuring restaurants, cinema, bowling and more. Did you know that Stockport has it’s own Business Improvement District branded as Totally Stockport that helps to create events and other initiatives to make Stockport a great place for residents and visitors? We’re also proud to hold the prestigious Purple Flag accreditation, which recognizes our diverse mix of dining, entertainment and culture whilst also promoting the safety and wellbeing of our residents. Find out more about Totally Stockport and upcoming events.

Totally Stockport

Transport & Logistics

What it does: Involves moving goods and people from one place to another efficiently.

Jobs: Logistics coordinator, pilot, ship captain, transportation planner.

Workplaces: Airports, shipping companies, warehouses, transportation agencies.

Recent Developments: Growth of e-commerce leading to innovative delivery solutions.

Future Trends: Expansion of electric and autonomous vehicles.

In Stockport: Stockport is an unbeatable location with first class connectivity to towns and cities regionally, nationally and internationally by road, rail and air. One of the most ambitious projects was the £73 million Town Centre Access Plan (TCAP) which made it easier for everyone to travel into and around Stockport town centre, regardless of how they travel.

Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and Transport for Greater Manchester are also currently working on a multi-million pound transformation of Stockport’s bus station into a modern transport interchange.

Read more here

Public Administration

What it does: Government agencies that provide public services and maintain law and order.

Jobs: Civil servant, policy analyst, urban planner, public health official.

Workplaces: Government offices, city councils, public health departments.

Recent Developments: Emphasis on digital governance and data-driven decision-making.

Future Trends: Greater focus on inclusivity and transparency in public services.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport Council is in fact our biggest employer with over 6,000 employees? Find out more about careers in public administration in our Career Guide

Public Services & Administration Careers in Stockport

Health & Social Care

What it does: Providing medical care and support services to individuals in need.

Jobs: Doctor, nurse, social worker, therapist, healthcare administrator.

Workplaces: Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, social service organizations.

Recent Developments: Telemedicine and remote healthcare services.

Future Trends: Increased demand for personalized and preventive healthcare.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport NHS Foundation Trust is Stockport’s second biggest employer with almost 3,000 employees? The NHS itself employs 1.5m people and has over 350 different career paths. Learn more about careers in health and social care in our Career Guide

Health & Social Care Careers in Stockport


What it does: Imparting knowledge and skills to students of all ages.

Jobs: Teacher, professor, education administrator, curriculum designer.

Workplaces: Schools, colleges, universities, educational NGOs.

Recent Developments: Integration of technology in remote and hybrid learning.

Future Trends: Focus on lifelong learning and skill-based education.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport has over 100+ primary schools, 34 secondary schools and 5 colleges, as well as a range of early years childcare providers and private nurseries? Find out more about careers in Education and Childcare with our Career Guide

Education & Childcare Careers in Stockport

Legal & Finance

What it does: Managing legal matters and financial transactions for individuals and organizations.

Jobs: Lawyer, accountant, financial analyst, investment banker.

Workplaces: Law firms, financial institutions, corporate legal departments.

Recent Developments: Rise of fintech and online legal services.

Future Trends: Increasing importance of cybersecurity and sustainable finance.

In Stockport: Did you know that Legal & Finance is Stockport’s second largest employment sector with 21.7% of those in employment (that’s 31,300 residents) working in this area? We’re home to 480 businesses in the professional services arena, including solicitors, accountants, auditors, financial service providers, mortgage brokers and insurance companies. Learn more with our career guides.

Careers in Law in Stockport

Careers in Accountancy & Finance in Stockport

IT & Digital

What it does: Developing and maintaining digital systems, software, and platforms.

Jobs: Software developer, data analyst, cybersecurity specialist, UX/UI designer.

Workplaces: Tech companies, startups, IT departments of various industries.

Recent Developments: Advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Future Trends: Continued growth in remote work and digital transformation.

In Stockport: Here in Stockport, and across Greater Manchester, we’re home to a thriving tech hub for disruptive, industry-leading successful firms as well as emerging ‘unicorn’ start-ups. In 2019, Manchester leapfrogged other major cities to become the fastest-growing tech hub in Europe and this pace of growth has continued despite the pandemic, with companies both large and small seeing significant expansion.

Learn more about IT & Digital Careers in Stockport


What it does: Selling products directly to consumers.

Jobs: Retail manager, sales associate, merchandiser, e-commerce specialist.

Workplaces: Physical stores, online marketplaces, shopping malls.

Recent Developments: Expansion of online shopping and omnichannel retailing.

Future Trends: Integration of virtual reality and augmented reality in shopping experiences.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport is home to 1,455 Retail businesses – from independent traders to big name brands? From local markets to growing e-commerce firms exporting worldwide, it’s still a growing sector with plenty of future prospects.

View our Guide to Retail Careers in Stockport

Creative & Cultural

What it does: This sector encompasses arts, entertainment, media, and cultural heritage.

Jobs: Artist, writer, filmmaker, curator, graphic designer.

Workplaces: Art studios, media companies, museums, theaters.

Recent Developments: Growth of online content creation and streaming platforms.

Future Trends: Increasing emphasis on diverse and inclusive cultural representation.

In Stockport: Did you know that Stockport has been named as Greater Manchester’s Town of Culture for 2023? It’s an exciting time for the arts, creative and cultural sector so find out what’s happening and how to get involved on their website.

Stockport Town of Culture

Understanding these industry sectors gives you a broader perspective on the world of work. It helps you see how your interests and skills can fit into various career paths. Remember, your journey might not always be linear, and exploring related jobs within a sector can lead you to exciting opportunities you hadn’t considered before. So, go ahead and start exploring – your future self will thank you for it!

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