Retrofitting Revolution - How to expand your skillset and protect the planet


Join the Retrofitting Revolution to develop your skills and protect the planet


Jump onboard with the green economy and join the retrofitting revolution! Find out more about at the latest training courses across Manchester to develop new skills, boost your career prospects and protect the planet at the same time...



Greater Manchesters plan to protect


2020 and 2021 were eye-opening years for the majority. Whether you redefined the word ‘essential’ or made room for a work-life balance, the past two years were, to say the least, challenging. Stockport, along with a great portion of the world, has recognised the necessary measures we must put in place to ensure the preservation of the ecosystem and the planet we live on. Despite this being a seemingly monumental task, there are numerous ways to reduce our carbon footprint - ranging from plastic straws to electric cars.


There are some incredible plans and initiatives to tackle this worldwide problem. Moreover, Greater Manchester has its fair share of ideas to not only benefit the planet, but the local surrounding area and its citizens as well. If you didn’t already know, Greater Manchester has the ambitious plan to be completely carbon neutral by 2038 - this means cleaner air, less carbon emissions and most importantly, greater job opportunities. GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) has taken its first step in its proposal by launching a training academy to educate over a thousand individuals to retrofit properties in the Greater Manchester area.




How you can take advantage of the Retrofitting Revolution with the Skills Bootcamp


The Skills Bootcamp for Retrofit, part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee and Plan for Jobs, is a flexible course of up to 16 weeks, is giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.


With the desperate need for climate change and with the government plans in place, retrofitting will become a well-sought-after skill with Greater Manchester tradespeople at the forefront of the initiative. For example, there are currently 29 million homes in the UK, and at least 15 million will need to be retrofitted by 2050 to align with the government’s plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – so these courses are great opportunity to widen job prospects for yourself whilst learning a new skill. There are some incredible courses on offer, 16 in total, ranging from Level 2 wall insulation course to a Level 3 Retrofit Assessor course.


The programme will be delivered by the Low Carbon Academy, in partnership with Procure Plus, with the aim to create pathways into the retrofit industry for hundreds of people. The scheme will train people on how to transform the city-region’s homes and buildings, to ensure they are fit for a low-carbon future.



Want to know more and develop your skills?


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