Salary Deduction and Financial Wellbeing for Stockport Employers

Looking after our financial wellbeing is an essential part of everyday life, but it becomes even more important when faced with huge challenges like Covid-19.

With unemployment sky-rocketing and news feeds full of horror stories, it’s understandable that employees will be feeling particularly worried right now – not just about what the future holds, but how to manage their day to day bills, with nearly a third of people forced to dip into their savings since the crisis hit.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that businesses have the right resources in place to support their employees.

Stockport Credit Union can help with that.

We offer Stockport based Businesses a financial wellbeing payroll deduction package for their staff and we offer this service free of charge. This enables employees to save as they earn and access preferential rates if they need to borrow. Payments are debited out of the employee’s salary before it hits their bank account, making payments very easy to manage. 

It’s easy to set up it means that businesses are directing their employees to an ethic and fair community based organisation that is not-for-profit. 

We already offer this payroll service to SMBC, Stepping Hill , Stockport Homes amongst others and we are eager to help more Stockport business and organisations provide this service to their employees.  

Contact for more information.

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