Coaching to develop skills, wellbeing and improved chances of success

Business in the Community aims to support active jobseekers by providing you with a volunteer business coach in the local area or your chosen sector. Once you’ve been partnered with your mentor, they’ll be on hand to support you with six sessions (virtually via phone or online) to help you build your skills and improve your chances of finding a job.

How Business in the Community in Stockport can help you

The support is tailored to your needs and situation, but will include things like:

  • Building confidence in yourself, your abilities and your job prospects
  • Helping you to meet people/employers in the business community and increase your access to jobs and networking
  • Receiving tailored support to help you achieve your career goals
  • Helping you to understand the recruitment market and learn about your chosen sector
  • Getting inspiration from someone in the know who wants to help you achieve success!

What will I gain by taking part in Business in the Community?

The aim of the programme is to help those with particular barriers to unemployment. So, if you’re struggling to find work, would like to get help with your skills or have been made unemployed and are unsure what to do next, you’ll likely find it useful to take part in this (completely free!) programme.

As well as receiving one-to-one support to help motivate you on the right next steps to take, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Essential employability skills – improving your skills and competencies in the areas that employers are looking for!
  • Digital skills – together with an understanding of finding work online and networking
  • Wellbeing and resilience – helping you to stay positive and focused on realistic goals to work towards together

How do I take part in BITC Job Coaching?

To sign-up for free job coaching as part of the Business in the Community programme, you’ll need to have access to a working mobile phone and email address and be able to speak good English. It’s aimed at those who are ready for work now, so you’ll also need to be committed to starting your next steps (whatever they may be!)

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