Create the best pet care business in the world

Pets at Home has become the UK’s leading pet care specialist by always putting pets first. Now we want to be the best pet care business in the world. That means offering a whole ecosystem of services – from diet and lifestyle to grooming and veterinary care – all from one convenient, accessible source.

We’re passionate about pets, but none of this can happen without people. It’s through people that we bring the pet care experience to life across our different businesses. 

Key Stats about Pets at Home

Overview: Pets at Home is a British-based pet supplies retailer selling pet products including food, toys, bedding, medication, accessories and pets. Founded in 1991, the company operates 453 stores across the UK, as well as an online store. Pets at Home also provides a range of services such as grooming, veterinary care and dog training. A well known household brand, their headquarters is right here in Stockport!

Sector(s): Retail, Animal Care

Number of Employees: 8,000+ employees

Location: Epsom Ave, Handforth, Cheadle

Working at Pets at Home

At Pets at Home, everything we do is about understanding and caring for pets.

Pets are amazing. If we’re down, they lift us up. If we’re lonely, they’re our company. If we need a friend, they listen.

Pets improve our health. Increase our life expectancy. Lower our blood pressure. They make us think. Make us care. 

And because pets are the best, they deserve the best. At Pets at Home, our trusted retail colleagues are here to give pets and their people exactly what they need. Our Vets4Pets colleagues are their voice when they can’t tell us what’s wrong. Our pet groomers are here to help them look and feel good. Our charitable foundation takes care of pets and their people in need. 

We’re one pet family with a shared love of the animals who make us who we are. We know that there’s nothing like the bond between pet and owner – many of us are pet owners too. And we’re here to make that bond stronger than ever.

Pets give us their best. Join us, and help us to give them ours.

Join Pets at Home

When it comes to creating happy customers, we’re a different breed.

That’s because pets and their people come first in everything we do. If you love interacting with pets and people, we think you’ll find life in our fun, passionate and professional teams incredibly rewarding. 

If you’re committed to helping us become the best pet care company in the world, we promise you an environment you can thrive in – through generous pay and benefits, health and wellbeing schemes, and a culture where everyone can bring their true selves to work. 

While we’re all about pets, you don’t need to own one yourself to work here. If you’re kind, share our values and can deliver results with pace, agility and resilience, you’ll fit right in.

All the training

Pets at Home is a place where everyone can develop expertise – whatever that means to you. In retail, we’ll train you to standards endorsed by leading animal care and charity bodies. In the Groom Room, you’ll work with accredited training providers towards professional grooming qualifications. Whatever your role, you’ll get tailored training, and a chance to take your career further.

Wellbeing for all

We know that when we work together, we make more of a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. To do this well, we need everyone who works here to feel at their best. That’s why we take your wellbeing seriously – and offer tailored, all-round support to help you with your mental, financial, physical and nutritional health.  

Everyone’s welcome

Just like pets, we welcome everyone – whatever your background or heritage, and however you choose to express yourself. We know that a diverse culture makes us a better place to work. So, if you share our values of kindness and pride, and want to help us become the best pet care company in the world, we’ll welcome you. Find out more about our diversity and inclusion ambitions, here.