We support people, with disabilities or health-related issues, to live a fulfilling life with a sense of purpose and belonging.

From social activities and wellbeing support to paid employment and supported internships, we offer various services to support people from across Greater Manchester to positively contribute to their local communities.

Pure Support

We offer personalised support that enables people with disabilities to participate in a range of exciting activities, take full advantage of their local community and lead fulfilled lives. Pure Support prepares people to live more independently by teaching new skills, such as baking and food preparation, that will enable them to achieve their personal goals, as well as opportunities to participate in a range of activities including performing arts, sports, animation, gardening and much more.

Our commercial bakery provides individuals with a physical or learning disability the opportunity to learn new skills and build friendships and Pure Coffee, our inclusive cafes where we supply, prepare and serve fresh produce to communities across Greater Manchester, provide invaluable professional and social experiences for clients with learning difficulties.

Wellbeing Support

Looking after your health and well-being is important. At Pure Innovations we offer a range of day services, mental health support and community group opportunities to help people build friendships, stay in good health and live fulfilling lives.  

Supported Employment

Utilising our growing network of inclusive employers, we offer bespoke one to one job coaches to work with clients to secure experience in real work settings, often resulting in paid employment. This tailor-made package of support allows people with a learning difficulty, autism and neurodiversity to progress in their chosen career with one-to-one support for full integration into the workplace. We also provide employment-based courses spanning Greater Manchester for young people under 25 years with an Education and Health Care Plan. These courses are designed to develop genuine employability skills and experience, working alongside other people and delivering varied tasks.

Travel Training

For over a decade Pure Innovation’s Travel Training programme has proven to be instrumental in enabling young people with additional needs to have equality of access to public transport, whilst helping to build self- confidence and independence. Travel Training empowers young people to build the skills and confidence to overcome challenges and remove barriers to independent travel. Our training programme is personalised to cater for each young person’s needs. Paired with one-to-one support, travel trainers identify regular routes that can be broken into manageable sizes, and each one is mastered until complete independence is built up. Moving away from local authority transport, clients will finish their training with the confidence to use the bus, train or tram without supervision.

Supported Internships

Supported Internships enable young people with a learning disability or autism to make the transition into paid employment. Our employment-based courses offer young people with learning disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health related problems a chance to enhance key employment and social skills. Interns spend four days per week with their host employer alongside daily on-site classroom sessions. Throughout the year, interns complete three job rotations for ten weeks whilst supported by their job coach. Each step towards completing the course prepares interns for future work, at which time Pure will support the interns into paid jobs with their host employer, or identify other opportunities that align to their career pathway.