We are an adult literacy charity and became affiliated to Read Easy UK in November 2020 in order to encourage adults in the Stockport area to improve their reading skills. 

Reading is a basic requirement of everyday life, and for many of us it is a skill we take for granted.  However, we estimate that there are about 11,300 people over 18 in Stockport who have difficulties with reading and would benefit from the service we offer.

There are lots of reasons that someone may need support to improve their reading skills.  Many of our clients struggled at school, perhaps because they needed extra support with learning such as dyslexia which was not recognised or fulfilled at the time.

How Read Easy in Stockport can help you

Being unable to read impacts on daily life in so many ways. In the UK it is estimated that in some communities 10% of working age adults struggle to or are not be able to fill in a form for a job, a service or support or understand important communications such as letters, emails and household bills.  

To avoid embarrassment they rely on relatives or close friends to help them read where necessary or avoid situations where reading is required.   The limitations for employment as well as mental health, well-being and fuller involvement in society are only too apparent.

Read Easy Services in Stockport

We offer free and confidential one-to-one reading coaching for adults at or below Functional Skills English Entry Level 3. 

New Readers meet with their trained, volunteer Reading Coaches for one hour a week by mutual agreement, at approved local venues such as local libraries. Together they work at their own pace through a phonics-based reading programme supplemented with reading books and other resources. It gives people the opportunity to work in private and at their own pace and builds reading skills, confidence and self-esteem.

Our aim is that adults complete with reading skills that enable them to progress at work and with life, and that some will move on to further learning.  The Read Easy website gives examples of success stories and the ways in which learning to read has transformed lives.

Read Easy Stockport started in 2020 and covers the Stockport area. To get started in learning to read, contact the team below: