Step Together Volunteering works with Ex-Offenders through 1-1 support and mentoring, to help individuals get back on track through volunteering.

Our Criminal Justice Programme covers Greater Manchester. We work with people of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of the offence committed.

The programme works in close partnership with the National Probation Service, community safety partnerships, local councils, and the Department for Work and Pensions, ensuring that volunteering is embedded as part of a holistic package of resettlement support.

How Step Together can help you

Our bespoke support is tailored to each individual. We have three programmes available for individuals living in the Greater Manchester area:

Main One-to-One Support Service

We support people with criminal convictions in Greater Manchester through 1-1 support, to help you identify roles that suit your skills, complete applications, and find the right opportunities.

We can prepare you for interviews and go with you to initial sessions or induction days, and provide you with ongoing support throughout your placement. As well as this, we can help you develop new skills, gain references, increase your confidence, as well as developing new social networks and friendships, and finding a meaningful role in the community.

For My Future Course

Our For My Future Course aims to help overcome the barriers that ex-offenders face in finding work. Our tailored course comprises of 20 hours of guided learning, 1:1 mentoring and home learning, CV and interview techniques and a plan to get you into volunteering within your community. Our course is tailored to:

  • Build your confidence and self-esteem
  • Consider your decisions, motivation and self-belief
  • Handle ‘Disclosure’ information – hints and tips
  • Tackle CV & Interview techniques – including practice interviews
  • Consider wider opportunities available on completion of the course
  • Access additional support providers for advice on training, education, and employment

Women’s Peer Mentor Scheme

Our Women’s Peer Mentoring Programme aims to connect women and girls whose lives are affected by the criminal justice system, with peer mentors – women with lived experiences, who have achieved positive changes.

This programme aims to support women who need help to achieve goals and reach their full potential. Through a shared knowledge of the barriers to living happy and fulfilling lives, clients will be supported into volunteering opportunities that will help them overcome the challenges they face and achieve positive future destinations.

In addition to providing support to individuals through mentoring, we are also currently looking for people to join us as Peer Mentors. If you have lived experience and feel you are ready to help others on their journey, we would love to hear from you!

Funders: DWP, ESF, Charles Hayward Foundation, Drapers’ Charitable Fund, The Pilgrim Trust.

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