summer jobs are a great way to develop skills, earn a wage, boost your experience and build confidence

Summer Jobs… Why are They so Important?

With the sun shining and the school year almost over, teenagers across the UK will be looking forward to spending time on their gaming consoles, planning shopping trips with their best friends and generally making the most of their pre-adult years. After working hard all year, the thought of entering the adult world and finding a job can be daunting. But we’ve got you covered! In this blog, we’ll be delving into why summer jobs are so important and how they can make the transition from teenager to adulthood that little bit easier.

Why are summer jobs important?

This is your opportunity to worry less about what happens in the classroom and focus more on exploring the world outside the realm of textbooks and coursework. What’s more, a summer job sets the tone for the rest of your year, keeping you busy and productive and more importantly out of a sleepy slumber.

  • Learn the value of money

Summer jobs are great for earning a bit of extra cash that can be put aside for university or your first car. Building up your savings will not only help you out in the future but also give you a competitive advantage as a young adult with additional expenditures. As you go from paycheck to paycheck, you will begin to learn how to manage money and ways to stretch it.

  • Business skills

Business skills are essential for future development and career prospects, not to mention future employers often prefer when candidates have previous experience! On top of this, you’ll learn how to listen and action directions given by senior managers and team leaders as well as improve your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Career Opportunities

Although you may already know what career path you want to take, having a summer job is the perfect opportunity to try new things and dip into different industries. Trying a variety of part-time jobs allows you to gain valuable job skills and provides you with insightful knowledge on company culture.

  • Networking

Summer jobs also allow you to develop positive relationships with a wide variety of personalities and sectors. Alongside building relationships they provide a way for you to network with older, experienced business associates and recruiters.

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