The Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund

New digital skills training programme in Manchester

The Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund, which creates inclusive opportunities into digital employment, is now open for applications. Residents across Greater Manchester are encouraged to apply for fully funded training programmes designed to help them secure digital jobs across the region.

The £3 million fund is delivered by organisations including CompTIA, Raytheon Professional Services and Sharp Futures covering areas such as digital content creation and cyber security.

The projects which are now open for applications include:

Cyber Ready North West

Cyber Ready is a 6-month retraining programme designed to ensure all graduates develop the necessary skills and knowledge to secure Cyber Security related employment. The flipped-classroom approach combines classroom and online teaching methods and is designed to encourage applications from candidates who may have other commitment and time limitations.

  • Delivered by CompTIA with employer partner Novacoast
  • Applications close Friday 21st August

The Cyber Academy

This project will deliver the core skills and knowledge essential for a cyber-security engineer including two technical qualifications combined with wider personal and professional skills.

  •  Delivered by Raytheon Professional Services with employer partners, Morson Projects, Salford Council, BUPA, TalkTalk and Sodexo

Digital Production Management Transition Course

This 12 week course aims to provide an overview of digital production management within TV, Radio, Advertising, Commercials, Animation, Gaming and Tech.  Each week participants will learn new production skills through face-to-face and online training, webinars and masterclasses.

  • Applications close on Wednesday 5th August

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