Why should I start an apprenticeship?

There are many benefits to completing an apprenticeship. They aren’t just the option for people who didn’t do well in school or want to learn a hands-on trade such as hairdressing or plumbing. They are for anyone who wants to start or progress in their career in any industry.

Earn while you learn

Apprenticeships are training programmes which allow you to gain qualifications and experience at the same time. You will earn a wage and won’t have to pay anything towards your training costs. 

This means that you can start earning money straight away and won’t have any student debt that you have to pay back.

Get qualifications and better prospects

The experience and qualifications you gain will help you progress in your career. On completion of the apprenticeship, most apprentices stay with their current employer, get a promotion or move onto a more advanced role with another employer. 

Develop confidence and employability skills

An apprenticeship will develop your confidence and competence. It shows that you have achieved a nationally recognised standard for your area of work. It also shows your employer that you are committed to your job and that you want to develop your skills.

Gain hands-on experience

Apprenticeships also offer a lot of variety. Rather than spending all of your time studying on a course or doing a job, you get the best of both worlds, which can make things more interesting and help you get further ahead, quicker. 

They are also a great option for people who don’t like more academic-type learning – reading text books and taking exams – and prefer a more hands-on learning style approach.

How it works in practice

Damar Training in Stockport specialise in the business and professional sector, offering apprenticeships in administration, customer service, law, management and accounting. This specialism allows them to really understand the requirements of each apprenticeship standard, and the industries and employers that we work with.

One of their apprentices, Haider Malik, joined law firm Trowers & Hamlin LLP as a Team Assistant whilst he worked towards his apprenticeship in Legal Admin.


Learn more

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