Need to build some connections at work? Find out the best ways to build your career network.

Best Ways To Build Your Career Network

To get noticed and explore your horizons it’s vital you work on how to build your career network. However, if you’re new to the networking scene and find it difficult to know where to start or even why it’s so important, don’t worry because Stockport Jobs Match is here to answer all your networking headaches.

The key point to remember is that networking is about building professional relationships. Your network consists of people you’ve met (either in person or online) — and you build your network by going out and meeting more people.

Let’s get into it!

Join professional or trade organisation/communities

There’s no better way to meet like-minded professionals than joining one or more industry organisations or community groups. Once you’re a member, you’ll usually get access to the membership list, which can open up many new prospective network contacts. Most organisations also host meetings or webinars which you can learn from and widen your skill set.

Attend professional/trade meetings, shows

The great thing about trade shows and industry meetings/conferences is that you’ll encounter new people to meet every time you visit. These meetings allow you to explore opportunities and be a part of in-depth conversations.Seek out peers as well as more experienced members — and even speakers — to add to your network.


Putting time aside to help a cause is perhaps one of the strongest networking tips, because not only will you be working side by side with people who share your passion but you’ll also be helping others. Find an organisation that needs your help (and there are many) and start volunteering.

Ramp up your activities on social and professional networking sites

Social media networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for meeting professional individuals who may use their accounts for a mixture of personal and business. However, if you’re looking for more of a professional touch then LinkedIn is amazing for reaching out to industry experts, joining specialist groups and searching for training webinars.

Conduct informational interviews

There’s no better way to learn more about your chosen industry or sector than to pick the brains of those around you! Ask your professional network if they’re happy for you to conduct small 1-to-1 interviews about their knowledge and any helpful tips/tricks they’ve learnt along the way.

Overall top tip: When meeting people for the first time, don’t make it all about you; ask about the other person and what s/he does for a living. Finally, always be prepared for networking — because the opportunity to meet someone can happen literally anywhere… and the person could change your life. Good luck on starting to build your career network and here’s to the future connections it brings!

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