Ourpass Travel Card: Save on your travel if your aged 16-18 years old

When you first leave secondary school, managing your money can become difficult as you need to consider stationary, travel and food as well as extra-curricular activities. A great way to cut out your travel expenses and save some money is to apply for the Ourpass Travel Card.

What is the Ourpass Travel Card?

If you used public transport to travel to your secondary school, you’ll be familiar with the Igo card, which is essentially proof that you’re a child and eligible for children’s discounted travel prices. The Ourpass acts as the Igo cards older sibling, with even better saving! The Ourpass is a membership scheme for 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester which covers travel costs when travelling on buses in the region allowing you to travel at any time for no cost. The card comes with a one-off £10 purchase fee and should you lose the card, it will cost another £10 to replace it (this is to cover administrative & postage fees). If you prefer to travel by tram, members can also access half price off-peak 1 day and weekend travel cards on Metrolink.

Am I eligible?

If you’re transitioning from secondary school into your first job, an apprenticeship, college or sixth form, you’re eligible for the Ourpass Travel Card. The Ourpass works around the academic years, so if you turn 16 at the beginning of your final school year, you will not be eligible until you have completed secondary school and beginning your post-16 option in the September. The card was designed to give young people the option to explore their options without worrying about the financial burden transport can pose.

What do I need to apply?

Applying for the card is extremely easy. Either grab a parent to give you a hand or do it yourself; the choice is yours! All you’ll need is a passport style photo (plain background from the shoulders up), proof of your date of birth and proof of your Greater Manchester residency.

You can evidence your DOB with the following documents:

  • UK Passport, EU or EEA passport
  • Provisional or full driving licence
  • Long or short birth certificate (inc. Non-EU Birth Certificate)
  • Adoption Order/Certificate
  • A PASS proof of age card (Validate UK ID card)
  • NHS medical card
  • NHS App Personal Details Screenshot
  • Biometric residence permit (BPR)
  • Validate UK ID card
  • EU/ EEA national ID card
  • HM forces ID card
  • UFF/GV3 Declaration of identity form
  • Letter from Local Authority of legal guardianship

Proof of address can be one of the following:

  • Full or provisional driving licence (if not being used for proof of age)
  • Full or provisional driving licence screenshot of address details.
  • National Insurance letter (must show current address)
  • Letter from a government department eg HM Revenue and Customs, Department for Work and Pensions or Department for Education

Or one of the following if issued in the last three months:

  • Letter or statement from your bank or building society (you can download statements from most online banking accounts)
  • Recent mobile phone bill or utility bill*
  • A letter from HMRC about Tax Credits or Child Benefit addressed to a parent or guardian, in which the young person is named.

Other Perks

The great thing about the Ourpass is that the savings don’t end with travel! There are loads of other discounts and offers to take advantage of whilst you have your membership. From free 7 day trials at your local gym to 2-4-1 tickets for emerging showcase gigs, these Ourpass exclusives will ensure your college experience is one to remember!

Overall, if you’re looking to do some serious saving this year apply for your Ourpass travel card now – before it’s too late! 

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