Every electronic design in the world can be made complete with Nexperia products. We are a successful and ambitious international company with global reach and exciting plans for extraordinary growth. For that, we need exceptional people, and we hope that includes you.

So, join us and become an essential part of our energetic team, in a thriving global community of talented, multidisciplinary professionals. As a vital part of TeamNexperia, you will be working on meaningful technologies that touch every aspect of modern life.

Key Stats about Nexperia

Overview: Headquartered in the Netherlands, Nexperia is a global semiconductor company with a rich European history and over 15,000 employees across Europe, Asia, and the United States. As a leading expert in the development and production of essential semiconductors, Nexperia’s components enable the basic functionality of virtually every electronic design in the world – from automotive and industrial to mobile and consumer applications. The company serves a global customer base, shipping more than 100 billion products annually. 

Sector(s): Semiconductor manufacturing

Number of Employees: 15,000 worldwide, 450 in Stockport

Location: Hazel Grove

Working at Nexperia

The people who work with Nexperia are part of a leading company that rewards, develops and challenges them equally.

When you join us, you help complete a dedicated global team that leads the world in standard semiconductor production: more than 90 billion Discretes, Logic and MOSFET devices every year. Belong to this team and become part of a successful company that adds value to your career. Join us in the Efficiency Company – and become part of TeamNexperia.

Join Nexperia

You are in control of your future with Nexperia. We are the ladder that will help you climb to the greatest heights of your ability. This is a company that is helping the world work better, and that starts with helping you work and grow to your very best.

Your career with us is filled with opportunities and resources, including clear paths to growth and promotion. You will meet instructive mentors and inspiring managers, work with colleagues from all backgrounds and origins, networking with bright and passionate people who share your drive for improvement. You will find support at every step, and guidance to spur you onward, because as you grow with us, we grow with your success. 

At Nexperia we offer loads of student opportunities. Interns, graduate programs and PhD assignments are offered all around the globe. Want to know what possibilities we have? Then go to our Workday Career pages to see what we have currently available: click here.