Is 2024 the right time to move on from your current job? Here's how you'll know.

When Is The Right Time To Move On From Your Current Job?

Deciding whether now is the right time to move on from your current job or start a new career path all together can be a tricky decision. However, if you’re a skilled professional who’s looking for an exciting challenge or wants to start a new career path, there’s plenty of opportunities available in the job market.

In this blog, our team takes a look at some of the key signs that could suggest it’s time for you to consider moving on from your current job role.

Your work-life balance is suffering

With remote working still the prominent place of work, it’s easy to carry on working to meet deadlines or progress on projects. While most jobs will involve the occasional late night in the office, if you’re constantly starting work at seven in the morning and not leaving until eight at night, it could be time to re-evaluate if your job role is right for you.

You’re being unpaid compared to the industry average

Due to the economic impact of Covid-19 and recent rise in living costs, more and more families, couples and individuals may be finding it harder to enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. If you’re feeling unpaid compared to others in your industry or your industry average, it may be time to look elsewhere and find a company that you feel valued at.

No personal development opportunities

Did you know the biggest reason people leave their job is due to a lack of progression opportunities? Staying in a job for too long with no development can be de-motivating and lead to you falling behind in industry advancements or updates. If you’re becoming concerned about the lack of development opportunities for you or your team, it’s probably time to check out and move somewhere with plenty of training facilities and progression.

Your commute is too long

Have you recently moved offices? Have you changed your mode of transport? Is your commute becoming increasingly expensive or stressful? If your journey to work every day is a logistical nightmare, it could be time to look for a position closer to home. Recent research suggests that long commutes can lead to mental health and stress-related issues!

You don’t share the same values

Whilst some people like to keep work and personal life separate, others wish to be more involved or care about their companies overall ethos and cultures/values. If you’re feeling lost or concerned about your company values not matching those of your own it may be the culture of your company isn’t right for you.

If you’ve decided now is the right time to move on from your current job, check out our tips for how to resign or access a free CV template to kickstart your New Year job search.

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