It's a good idea to update your CV every time you get a new job, learn a new skill or complete a training course. You never know when you might need it!

Why Is It Important To Update Your CV?

Keeping your CV up-to-date is essential as you never know when you may need it! There may be an opportunity for promotion within your current organisation or you may actively job seeking and find a role that you want to apply for. Here’s some reasons why it’s important to update your CV and when to add to it.

Whatever the case maybe you need to be prepared and ensure that you can send a CV out quickly otherwise you may miss out on a perfect opportunity.

But, how do you know which parts of your CV to update? Well, we’ve got 3 key areas you should make sure are updated:

  • Important achievements
  • New skills or qualifications you’ve gained
  • Showcase your abilities

Important Achievements

It’s easy to forget about key tasks you’ve completed at work, but keeping track of key results from any major tasks you’ve worked on can make updating your CV much easier. It might be that a blog you wrote had 700,000 views within three months, or a change you implemented to the company’s website boosted engagement by 20%.

New Skills or Qualifications

It’s likely that you’ll develop new skills and improve on existing ones during your time in employment. So, it’s important to update your CV with the key skills or qualifications you’ve gained over the years.

If you regularly update your CV, you’ll ensure that you’re showcasing your skills in the right way, ultimately boosting your future employment prospects.

Showcase your abilities

Regularly recognising your abilities, will allow you’ll immediately see just how much progress you’ve made, giving you a real confidence booster, perhaps pushing you to strive for a promotion with your existing employer

If you’re not sure whether your current CV is a good account of your skills, experience and achievements, take a look at our top tips for CV writing and what the best CVs should include.

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