Lots of people look for a new job after Christmas. But why is January a great time to look for work?

Why Is January A Great Time To Look For Work?

During the Christmas period it can be a struggle to search for a new job, but once that’s over the new year can be the perfect opportunity to find a new career. January has been classed as the hunting season when it comes to finding a new job. So, if you want to ‘find a new job’ as part of your New year’s resolutions then listed below are some reasons why January is a great time to look for work.

Increased Motivation

In the New Year employers are feeling motivational and eager to see what talent they can employ. They have a clearer mindset at this time of the year as they are less likely to be tied down to deadlines and projects.

Along with increased motivation, employers also understand that a lot of companies offer their colleagues bonuses over the Christmas period and so employees are more likely to wait for the festive period to end before beginning their job search.

New Budgets

Employers are often given a new budget at the start of every year, so this gives candidates a better chance at finding a new job and being hired. What’s more, as salary is one of the main factors a candidate will look at when applying for a new job, linking this with a company’s new budget may mean the company will have more money to give to candidates.

Less Competition

While everyone else is off sweating in the gym you can sweep right in there and steal your dream job! With the rest of the population preoccupied, it’s much more likely that your CV will be read, you’ll be asked in for an interview, and that you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd.

Backlog Of Positions

With festivities taking center stage prior to the new year it often means interviews and appointing new employees is often left on the backburner. So, when January comes around, there’s often a massive backlog of positions in need of filling. January is a great time to look for work and the perfect opportunity to really make an impression on your New Year outlook.

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