If you’re rapid thinking, possess great communication skills and thrive off high-pressured environments, a career in the leisure and travel could be for you.

Generating £100.8 billion revenue each year and employing over 2 million people across the UK, the Leisure and Travel industry is one that keeps on growing. With so many avenues to explore the sector is great for those with experience or people new to the working world wanting to try something new.

A career in the leisure and travel sector could see you work in a variety of settings beyond the airport. From hotels and cabin crew to personal training and lifeguarding, the possibilities are endless and offer high levels of job satisfaction – getting to see happy reactions from your customers every single day!

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There’s no doubt that the travel and leisure sector suffered greatly at the beginning of the pandemic. With borders closed, airplanes empty and government lockdowns – the future of the sector was up in arms, specifically the travel department. However, as lockdowns have eased and plans put in place to prevent the industry suffering indefinitely, things are set to change with a positive outlook for the immediate and long-term.

That’s great news for Stockport residents looking to a career in the travel and tourism sectors. On the doorstep of Manchester Airport, the UK’s global gateway in the North, the easing of restrictions has sparked a revival in air travel with a whole host of service-based jobs on offer – from pilots and cabin crew, to baggage handlers and security services.

Looking beyond travel, Greater Manchester’s tourism sector is worth £7.9 billion, supports 94,000 jobs and attracts 119 million visitors per year. That’s plenty of reason to invest in developing a career in the sector, with jobs ranging from working in cinemas and museums, to hospitality and sports, to events and marketing.

Starting Salary

£11.44 per hour or £18,000
per annum

Typical Salary Range

£23,000 – £57,500+
per annum

Working Hours

37 to 39 hours per week, often including evenings and weekends

Working in Leisure & Tourism

  • Airline customer service agent
  • Airline pilot
  • Cabin crew
  • Cruise ship steward
  • Heritage officer
  • Hotel manager
  • Interpreter
  • Museum attendant
  • Tour manager
  • Tourist guide
  • Tourist information assistant
  • Travel agent
  • Visitor attraction general manager
  • Local travel agents
  • Cinemas in and around Stockport
  • Hotels
  • Gyms and leisure centres
  • Manchester airport
  • Enthusiasm
  • Commercial awareness and business acumen
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to motivate others
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility
  • Organisational skills
  • Language skills
  • Teamwork

Some people in this sector begin at an entry level job for example, customer service advisor or tourist information assistant. From here you can begin to work your way up the ladder through promotions and in-house training.

You can also attend a local college and study for a BTEC, A-Level or Level 2-3 Qualification in travel and tourism. Whether you choose to stay on at college, start an apprenticeship or kick off with on-the-job-training, gaining qualifications at some stage will aid with career progression. Some high schools offer Travel and Tourism GCSEs and learning can reach Level 4 with apprenticeships focusing on roles like Junior Management Consultant and Hospitality Manager.

That doesn’t mean heading off to university isn’t an option though. There are select universities that offer Bachelor of Art degrees in Travel and Tourism, with courses usually lasting around 3 years.

With time and experience under your belt, you can progress into a management role, focus on a particular area within the sector or open your own business/enterprise.

With time and experience under your belt, you can progress into a management role, focus on a particular area within the sector or open your own business/enterprise.

With a wealth of customer service and transferable skills, you could also choose to move into another sector such as retail and hospitality.

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