Greater Manchester Higher  

Greater Manchester Higher is a collaboration of higher education (HE) colleges and universities. We offer impartial information, advice and guidance about higher education.

The partnership is part of the Uni Connect programme, delivering a nationally coordinated approach to working with schools, universities and colleges to help people access higher education. We aim to improve the provision of information, advice and guidance about progression routes to higher education, alongside offering a menu of activities to raise the aspirations of young people in Greater Manchester.

Have a question about higher education?

Introducing The Ambassador Platform – a new way to have all your questions answered by HE experienced staff.

Our friendly team are always happy to answer any questions you have about HE. We all had different HE journeys so you can talk to someone with experience who shares your interests, whether it’s Law, Languages or Business or something else! Just click the link to start a conversation!

SACU: Careers tools

Career Quiz to help you choose the best Career, UCAS Course or Apprenticeship for them, and for teachers to help their students make the best next step.

The Pay Index

Built by The Pay Index and informed by credible labour market information is our tool which helps to answer key questions on the minds of students and parents including:

  • Does degree course choice affect future earnings?
  • Are graduate salaries different dependent on geographical location?
  • How might a university degree affect take-home pay?
  • What is the effect on the cost of living when choosing where to live?

You can access to the data and reports anywhere from your mobile/tablet. Simply sign up by scanning the QR code in the leaflet below.

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