If you're struggling with staying productive in your job search, check out our top tips to keep motivated and get results.

Staying Productive in Your Job Search  

Let’s face it, searching for work is not the most thrilling of tasks, especially when you have been on the lookout for work for a while. But the key is to stick at it! Becoming less productive will only hinder your chances of landing that perfect role. Have you been searching for work for a while? If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself, read some of our tips on staying productive in your job search. Take a look at our best productivity tips:

Sign up for Job Alerts

Scrolling through hundreds of jobs can become overwhelming. To save time and improve your chances of finding a role, sign up to free job alerts on websites to be notified when a vacancy matches your criteria.

Take Breaks

It may seem backwards but taking regular breaks can improve your productivity. To ensure you bring the best you to the table, take short breaks often to ensure you are always bringing a fresh perspective. This also avoids making any silly mistakes in your applications.

Take Note

Keep a note of the jobs you have applied for to stay on top of your search. Recording this information will provide a great insight into the jobs you have applied, want to apply, and any outstanding tasks you need to complete, including the suitable time to contact a potential employer if you have not heard from them in a while.

Eat, Sleep & Exercise

Always invest in your physical and mental health! You need to find ways to cope with the stresses and worries of looking for work. Ensuring you have a good diet and are getting enough sleep and exercise always helps.

Plan Your Time

Create a weekly schedule and find windows of time for job searching, then block out that time and stick to your schedule where possible. A plan will not only help you manage your time more efficiently but also helps in feeling less guilty for getting on with life’s other demands.

Find Your Ideal Work Environment 

We all work differently, so find the way that best works for you. This includes your working environment. Some may prefer to work silently in an office space or library, while others may prefer the hustle of bustle of a busy café or the company of people in a park.

Switch Devices to Silent Mode

The digital world can be distracting. When searching for work, switch your devices to silent mode to ensure notifications are no longer able to come through during the times you need to focus.

Staying productive in your job search is a vital skill to learn that will also help you when you find a new job. Hopefully, having a structured approach to job seeking will boost your outcomes and lead to a raft of applications and interview invites. Good luck!

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