Looking for work online can be tricky so check out our top tips for using job boards.

Top Tips for using Job Boards

In theory, nothing could be simpler than applying for a vacancy via a job board. You can browse thousands of great opportunities instantly. When you spot a good match, it’s usually a case of sending off your CV in a few clicks. But with competition so fierce (and the ease with which you can apply), employers are often swamped by CVs. With little time to read each one in detail, candidates need to make sure they’re doing everything possible to make the cut. Here’s our top tips for using job boards and improving your success rate…

Keep it relevant

Whether you’re applying for a specific vacancy or uploading your CV online so employers and recruiters can find you, make sure you keep your CV targeted and relevant. The contents will be “read” by dedicated software to identify keywords that determine how highly it will be ranked in search results (just like when you search for information online). For this reason, your CV will need to be viewed as relevant to even get a look in, so take some time to target it to the job you’re applying for.

Avoid silly mistakes

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by having a CV full of spelling mistakes, forgetting to include your contact details or simply firing your CV out to jobs you simply don’t have the skills for. Show employers and recruiters you’ve made the effort to read their advertisements in full, have tailored your response accordingly and are worth that much awaited call back. Read the response policy for applications carefully so you are well informed about what happens next. If you want someone to spend time reading your CV, make sure you’ve done your bit first.

Things to look out for

  • View your online profile and check for inconsistencies. Complex formatting may not show up how you want it to and whilst using graphics may look nice, the contents may not be searchable in the same way and cause you to miss out on vital opportunities.
  • Make sure you check when a vacancy was originally advertised before you apply. If it’s older than a week or so, you may want to contact the company or agency in question to make sure it’s still available and avoid wasting time on jobs that are out of date.
  • Although it may seem time-consuming, different employers prefer different job boards. Don’t presume that by just registering on one site you have covered all your bases. It can be well worth your time creating an online account with a couple of different job boards to maximise your chances of finding work quickly.

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