Top tips to help you stay on track over the festivities and successfully job hunt during Christmas

How to successfully job hunt during Christmas

Although you may already have your stockings and Christmas tree up, there’s still time to start your job hunt! Companies may wind down during the festive season but that doesn’t mean the jobs are not there. By staying on top of your job search and following our tips, you can be sure to have a successful job hunt during Christmas.

Update your CV

Be sure to eliminate any out-of-date information or details that aren’t needed, on the other hand, you’ll so need to add any new qualifications or achievements you’ve received. Note: your CV should be clear to read and express who you are.

Reach out to others

Speaking to other job seekers can help you build your network and knowledge. It’s also a good way to share tips or give advice to fellow individuals, for example how to stay motivated.


Christmas can be a quiet time so it’s wise to use this to your advantage and get ahead of your competition. Consider sending out personalised emails to prospective employers as a way to introduce yourself and start the initial conversation.

Temp roles

Seasonal and Christmas roles offer a goldmine of opportunities and experience. Although it might not be exactly what you’re looking for it can provide useful learning prospects and allow you to understand what it is you’re precisely looking for in a job role or not in some cases.

Take breaks

Yes, you may want to get ahead of your competition, but burning yourself out isn’t going to help you succeed either. It’s important to keep up your job hunt during Christmas and keep celebrations separate by giving yourself regular breaks.

Plan ahead

Christmas is an exciting time and making valuable memories with family and friends is relevant and drowning in job vacancies and application forms. Set yourself a target whether daily or weekly for January so that when the new year comes around, you can hit the ground running.

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