Top Industries For Job Security

Top Industries For Job Security


The past two years have caused many different job markets to take a massive socio economic hit, meaning many businesses were forced to close, and many people lost their jobs. As a result of this, many people have been left looking for new roles and questioning what some of the most secure job markets out there are.

This article will explore in more detail about what industries are generally more secure than others for increased protection.



The UK will always need teachers to educate the younger generation and there are a whole range of different opportunities available to people who would like to go into teaching, including specialising in different subjects enjoying a variety of roles.


Public Administration

Public sector job roles have a reputation for being reasonably secure compared to other sectors. In fact, it was found that people who work in the public sector aged 35 to 45 have had their roles for an average of 6.4 years. Even more than that, people between the ages of 45 and 55 have been in their roles for an average of 9.7 years!


Warehousing and Transportation

This large industry comes with many benefits as those who operate within warehousing and transportation often have multiple job roles. Because of the massive range covered by the number of roles, there is no wonder that there is so much security within the sector. However, to work in this field employees usually need to have some kind of specialist training so this is something to consider when applying for vacancies.


Finance and Insurance

Jobs in the finance and insurance sector usually work with other businesses to assist with different financial transactions or underwrite different insurance policies. Jobs within this sector usually come with a great deal of security given the fact they are vital in order for all other businesses to be able to operate.


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