Find out how to make the most of recruitment fairs and college events with our top tips for open days.

Top Tips for Open Days & Local Events Near Stockport

Open days are your chance to explore the facilities, chat with your potential future employers/tutors, hear from current students/employees and maybe even get the inside track on how to apply. Check out our top tips for open days at college or job fairs and recruitment days.

Whether you’re planning to attend a specialist open day about a particular course or subject matter or just looking around different colleges, open days continue to be one of the best ways to help you choose a place for higher education. If you need some motivation, we’ve got some helpful tips below on why you should go to open day events.

Job fairs on the other hand are a great way to learn about local employers, the vacancies they’re hiring now and what type of person they’re looking to recruit. It can be a more informal way to ask questions, make an impression or get tips on how to apply.

Here’s our tips for open days and making the most out of the opportunity on the day, and afterwards.

Top Tips for College, Sixth Form, HE & Training Centre Open Events

Chat With Teachers

There’s no better way to understand what you’ll be studying than to hear it from the lecturers or teachers themselves. A lot of virtual or in-person open days allow you to chat with tutors via live chat or through a Q&A within seminars. These sessions will enable you to find out about the syllabus and ask any questions that may not be on their course overview or FAQ page.

Learn About The Modules

Did you know the same subject can be taught using a number of different modules? With this in mind, it’s important to learn about the different modules and how they are taught as some can be more heavily practical, some more academic, some may rely on coursework and others might have no coursework at all and rely completely on exams.

Understanding each module provides you the opportunity to pick the one that both interests you and suits your way of learning.

Explore The Facilities & Surroundings

Open days allow you to get a feel for what you can expect on your first day and further into your course. Browsing through the college’s campus can offer a comprehensive view of what they have to offer including facilities, practical infrastructure and additional learning and development opportunities.

In addition to asking questions, speaking to students and touring the campus, open days give you the chance to find out more about the local area you’ll be commuting to. Find out what’s popular with students and check those spots out for yourself.

Top Tips for Job Fairs, Careers Events or Recruitment Open Days

Research Companies before you go

It can feel a bit daunting walking into a room full of employers eager to spot their next recruit. So before you head off to a careers fair, try to find out which employers will be attending or what sort of companies you can expect to meet. Take a look at their websites or social media pages so you know a bit about what they do or who you’d most like to speak to on the day. Target yourself on speaking to at least 3 employers initially and hopefully once you have you’ll feel confident about chatting to some more too!

Think of some questions to ask

Whether you’re heading along to bag yourself a new job, a work experience placement or internship, or you simply want to do some research for your future career choice, try to think of some questions to ask in advance. It’s much easier to approach a stand with an opening question or introduction. This could be:

  • Good morning, I’m interested in learning more about jobs in … (Hospitality / Marketing / Administration). Do you offer this type of job in your company?
  • Hello, I’ve seen online that you’re recruiting for … (Warehouse staff / cleaners / security guards). Can you tell me more about what’s involved and how to apply?
  • Hi, I’m currently at college and want to know more about careers in (your sector). Could you let me know a bit about the roles you offer and what it’s like to work for you?

Follow up after the event

If you find you struggle to speak to employers on the day, don’t worry. Make a note of who was there and see if you can find a way to contact them. Sometimes you can pick up a leaflet as you walk by, scan a QR code or take a goody bag with contact info inside. If not, you should be able to look the company up online and drop them an email through their website or on their Facebook or Twitter page. Let them know you attended the event but didn’t get chance to speak to them. Explain what you’re interested in and send over a copy of your CV. Be sure to include your contact details or ask if it’s possible to arrange a call or a chat!

Explore upcoming recruitment events in Stockport on Eventbrite or use our Digital Propsectus to find out about College & Sixth Form Open days in Stockport and put your newly learned tips for open days to good use!

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