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There’s plenty of reasons why you might need some extra support finding or starting employment. The great news is that there are a range of specialist Support Services providers across Stockport to lend a hand and give you a step up based on your own individual needs.

A shortage of skills, little work experience, living with a disability, returning to work following illness or unemployment for example can be daunting prospects at the best of times. Due to the impact of coronavirus, it’s normal to feel even more disconnected with your future employment prospects and unsure of where to start.

That’s why we’ve produced a range of resources, advice and practical tools to support you through education, transition into training or employment and beyond. We aim to connect you with support providers and employers and give you a voice on the employment issues that affect and matter to you.

Use the filters above to find out whether there’s extra help, funding or a community group who can help you overcome employment challenges and progress in your career.

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